Dynatrace Network Analyzer Documentation

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After you have installed and configured the DNA console, you can begin using it immediately to:

  • Capture traces concurrently on multiple interfaces across the network
  • Merge or adjust traces as needed
  • Display traces in various reports



DNA now offers a browser-based capture tool called Agent Commander.

  • Use Agent Commander to deploy agents, capture traffic, and retrieve the trace files from the capture agents, all through your web browser, either on the DNA console machine or from a remote machine.
  • You still need the DNA console software to analyze the traces.

For more information, see DNA Agent Commander.

DNA has two capture modes, attended and unattended.

  • Attended mode: hands-on; you are present at your computer to capture and analyze your data in real time.

  • Unattended mode: capture data in the background, perhaps over a long term, and then use DNA to retrieve the data analyze it.

In either case, you have the same wide array of analysis tools available to you after you get your data.