Dynatrace Network Analyzer Documentation

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DNA uses a SQL Server database to store captured and imported data.

SQL Server

A compatible SQL Server must be installed and running prior to running DNA. If none is available on your machine, Microsoft SQL Server Express is installed when you install DNA and loaded when you start your computer.

Database size limitations

DNA produces unexpected behavior if the SQL database size limitation is exceeded. A variety of messages and warnings will notify you if that limit approaches.

If SQL Server Express is used, DNA will display the database usage percentage in the Task hierarchy by changing the database icon color. A yellow database icon indicates that the current database file size is more than 75% (“Warning” level) of the limit and the red icon indicates that the size is more than 90% (“Critical” level) of the limit. If a regular SQL Server database is being used, a tooltip will display the usage percentage and the database file size. Finally, a balloon message will be shown if any operation affecting database size is executed when the database size is in a “Critical” condition or the database size status changes from “Normal” (less than 75%) to “Warning” or “Normal” to “Critical”, or “Warning” to “Critical”.