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The special timekeeping enhancement in DNA turns on automatically provided that host hardware clock timing is enabled in the virtual machine. There are two ways you can disable it manually.

The simplest way to disable hardware-based timing is to add Windows registry key Never Use VMware Pseudo-Performance Counter and set its value to 1.

Alternatively, you can set monitor_control.pseudo_perfctr to FALSE in the virtual machine's configuration.

  1. In the vSphere Client's list of virtual machines, right-click the machine (which must be turned off) and select Edit settings.

  2. In the Virtual Machine Properties dialog, click the Options tab.

  3. On the Options tab, go down to the Advanced section and select General.

  4. Click Configuration parameters.

  5. In the Configuration parameters dialog, click Add row.

  6. Set the new row's Name to monitor_control.pseudo_perfctr and its Value column to FALSE.

In either case, the virtual machine will again use virtual timing.


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