Dynatrace Network Analyzer Documentation

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Use the commands in the Reports menu to generate graphical and tabular reports with extensive statistical data about your applications and tasks. A window capture tool is also available on the menu.

Application Overview

Displays an application-level traffic summary that includes statistics on all the tasks in the selected application.

Alternative access method: click Application Overview icon  on the toolbar


Application Overview is no longer a standard feature of Dynatrace Network Analyzer. To make the Application Overview menu item and button available, first open the Tools ► Options, click the Misc tab, and select Show classic Application Overview menu option.

Report wizard

Provides a step-by-step process for creating a report. You select a report template (or create a new one), and a database application task, and then save or print the report.

Alternative access method: click Report wizard icon  on the toolbar

View Grabber

Manages screen captures of views and windows for automatic export to HTML and jpg files, Microsoft Word documents, or email attachments.

Alternative access method: click View Grabber icon  on the toolbar