Dynatrace Network Analyzer Documentation

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A variety of tools are available to you on the Tools menu and elsewhere.

The Tools menu provides access to the following:

Response Time Predictor icon Response Time Predictor

Opens the Response Time Predictor tool, in which the response time for the selected task is measured based on a set of parameters. The Response Time Predictor allows you to predict the effect that changes in bandwidth and latency will have on overall task response time. The predicted response time depends on a number of factors, including the number of application level turns that are modeled using proprietary algorithms.

Alternative access method: click Response Time Predictor icon  on the toolbar


Response Time Predictor Sweep icon Response Time Predictor Sweep

Opens the Response Time Predictor Sweep tool, a fast and easy way to test an application's sensitivity to bandwidth and latency. The wizard helps you create a chart that graphically displays the effect on a task's response time when you change bandwidth, latency, or background load. You can test the effects of multiple different scenarios and display all the results in a single graph.

Alternative access method: click Response Time Predictor Sweep icon  on the toolbar


Open in Wireshark

Opens the selected trace in Wireshark. For more information, see Opening DNA trace data in Wireshark and Misc Tab in the Options window.

Transaction Expert icon Transaction Expert

Automatically generates a report to help you troubleshoot performance problems with the selected task. Because document generation is dependent on Microsoft Word, you must have Word installed on your computer to use it.

Alternative access method: click Transaction Expert icon on the toolbar

For more information, see Transaction expert.

Power tools

Lists tools for use within DNA.  

Alternative access method: click  Power Tools icon on the toolbar

With Power Tools you can also execute programs that are not part of the as-delivered DNA product. Typically, these programs are provided by Dynatrace to meet certain customer specific purposes, but you can add any program to the menu so that the program is available as a tool within the DNA application.



Select Tools ► Options ► Power tools or click Power Tools icon on the toolbar and select Customize to add and remove tools in the Tools menu and to set Power Tools settings.

Bandwidth Estimator, Trace Route, Duplicate Packet Remover, Transaction Expert and Latency Finder are always on the menu.

Name Resolution Overrides Editor

Opens the Name Resolution Overrides Editor window, which lists IP-Broadcast, MAC-Broadcast, DCE, and DTE entries. You can add nodes to the list with names that you specify. All future captures for a given node address receive the new name. You can also delete nodes in the list.

For more information, see Name resolution overrides editor window.

Remote Agents

Opens the Select Remote Agents window in which you can choose the remote agents you wish to have available for remote captures.

For more information, see Remote agents.

Agent Commander

The DNA Agent Commander is a web-based tool for managing DNA agents and capturing traffic on those agents.

For more information, see DNA Agent Commander.

Options icon Options

Gives you the ability to configure various elements of DNA to satisfy your preferences.


Other tools available to you include:

Task Cleanup Guide

On the Trace menu, the Task cleanup guide can walk you through cleaning selected task of extraneous data so you can better focus on the problem. For more information, see Task cleanup guide.