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AppMon 6.0 and later supports 64 bit Clients for Windows and *NIX, which has several advantages:

  • Standalone Clients are included in Windows and Linux 64 bit full installation packages, so separate installations are no longer necessary.
  • Linux 64 bit: No need to install extra libraries.
  • Bigger data sets for analysis, coinciding nicely with the introduction of the Frontend Server serving these.

What to Know Before Setup

  • AppMon 32bit Client is no longer supported with AppMon 6.5
  • The installation process on Linux requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later.
  • AppMon Server, Collector and Client standalone installations run only on operating systems with Java 7. On Windows and Linux, the AppMon package comes with a private JRE 1.7 for run time.
  • The Client on the Mac requires JRE 1.7 for run time.
  • Download and install the AppMon Client on Windows, Linux or MacOS X (Intel architecture only).
    For exact supported OS versions see System Requirements > AppMon Client.
  • Memory requirements: 512MB minimum, 1GB recommended.
  • If you want a locally installed Client, for example to connect to several same-version AppMon Servers (no matter what bitness and on which OS) you either install the Client with a full installer together with other components or on Windows do a custom installation – or install separately from a Client-only installer.
    Sample *NIX Client-only installation command: java -jar <path>/dynatrace-client-<version>-<platform>.jar
    (warning)  The Linux Client installation file is named dynatrace-client-<version>-linux-x86.jar contains 64bit client only.

To change the used memory for the AppMon Client, access the menu Settings > Dynatrace Client and set the Maximum heap memory to a reasonable size.

The Dynatrace Client Preferences dialog box provides configuration options for:

  • General settings: Maximum heap memory, check for Client update, dashboard change, reset warning dialogs and layouts, UI full or simple.
  • Services: Enable REST Web services and port, allow non-SSL connections and set port, configure proxy for Client.
  • Directories: Configure where to store reports, dashboards, logs, etc.
  • External Tools: .Net reflector and text editor location, Coradiant TrueSight host, Web browser launch configuration, and Java decompiler.

Starting the Client


Start the Client in one of the following ways:

  • From the Start menu
  • From the command line with %DT_HOME%\dtclient.exe where %DT_HOME% for a 64-bit default full installation is C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5.

Command Line Start Examples

CD to Default Installation <DT_HOME> Copy/Paste Example
Full64cd C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5
Client64cd C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace Client 6.5

So cd <DT_HOME> and dtclient.exe.


If you accept the default directory and install to the recommended /opt, you can invoke the Client with the following:

cd /opt/dynatrace-6.5


 Mac OS X

Copy the AppMon Client from the disk image to the installation location on your hard drive. To start it, double-click the Client icon (JRE 1.7 required).

To import settings from a previous installation:

  1. Open the old and new Client application package via the context menu Show Package Content.
  2. Copy the files listed below from inside the old Client to the corresponding directories in the Users home directory. The new AppMon Client creates these after its first start.

Copy from:

  • Contents/MacOS/client/sessions/*
  • Contents/MacOS/client/conf/dashboards/*
  • Contents/MacOS/client/conf/client.config.xml
  • Contents/MacOS/client/conf/client.properties.xml

Paste to:

  • <userhome>/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace <major.minorVersion>/client/sessions/*
  • <userhome>/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace <major.minorVersion>/client/conf/dashboards/*
  • <userhome>/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace <major.minorVersion>/client/conf/client.config.xml
  • <userhome>/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace <major.minorVersion>/client/conf/client.properties.xml



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    There's a typo, the "paste to" folder for macOS should be "<userhome>/.Dynatrace" instead of "<userhome>/.dynaTrace".