Upgrade from < 6.2 to 6.2 or higher


After the upgrade to AppMon 6.2, host metrics from times before the upgrade are not longer visible in the charts.


The host measures from the time before the upgrade must be mapped to the new infrastructure system profile, to make them visible again. Therefore

The script has no effect, if is runs before the migration and also has no effect, if it is run more than two months after migration (if "Auto purge measures during cleanup task" is activated in the PWH settings). Best time to run the script is 24 to 48 hours after upgrade to 6.2.
The script should not be run directly after migration, as the host measures must have received measurements before a measurement can be mapped from the old system profile to the new one. The script can run several times, if not all host measures had received measurements at the time, the script run the first time.


As for all database operations, we also recommend here, doing a DB backup before running the script

Root Cause

In former versions ( < 6.2), each agent collected the host metrics of the host, it is running on and stored this data on the system profile, it is connected to. So, if on one host several agents are running, reporting to different system profiles, than the data of one host has been stored several times.
With the new architecture ( >= 6.2), these host metrics are stored in the Infrastructure system profile. As host metrics with the same name and the same host source are now connected to the new infrastructure profile, the 'old' data is not longer accessible, as the id's beyond the metrics are pointing to a new infrastructure profile.

For further information see the documentation for the new infrastructure monitoring feature.