AppMon: 3.x.x


The agent is connected, but instrumentation is disabled. Instrumentation state in the agent details may show: "Instrumentation disabled because of too slow transformation"



This is intended behavior to prevent the application (SUD) slowdown. This may happen due to...

  • Collector overload during SUD/agent start up (collector may be handling other agents or many agents might have started at the same time)
  • Or the network/bandwidth between the agent and the collector is bad or interrupted.

If it is a temporary issue, just restarting the application (SUD/agent) should solve this issue. The collector health may be checked for its optimal operations (Collector health dashboard can be used)

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    RESTARTING the SUD/agent is not practical because it could cause outage/capacity crunch in your system.

    We should be able to activate the instrumentation without restarting the SUD, otherwise whole purpose is defeated.