dynaTrace 5.5 and 5.6



In dynaTrace you need to run a (dummy) unit test to get an entry for your loadtest in the Test Automation dashlet.


  1. Set test category to load when test metadata is set
    1. Specify also the testrunname property. For example a name describing your loadtest scenario "Login 20 users per second" 
    2. Properties like the version info (major, minor, etc.), the marker and other custom properties can be omitted as the Test Automation dashlet will not process these properties for loadtests. You can specify this information in your session name at the session recording step.
  2. Start session recording with your session name specified
  3. Run an instrumented dummy unit test to get an entry in the Test Automation dashlet 
    1. You can use this unittest class (JUnit example) 

    2. Download the Loadtest recording demo files. This archive-file contains the Ant-script runloadtest.xml to record a loadtest for the Test Automation Dashlet. Some instructions can be found in this Ant-script. Please adapt the included file to your needs. 
  4. Run your loadtest 
  5. Stop recording
Root Cause

With a test dummy a new entry for a load test (entry in the metadata) is added to TA dashlet.
We need the session name to enable the load test dashlet.

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    Is this issue resolved in 6.0?