AppMon: all versions


- System profile cannot be saved.

- Integrity check failed error log in the server log file.

Integrity check failed for system profile 'XXX': integrity code = MEASURE_OF_TRANSACTION_NOT_EQUAL - 22 

- Failing to deserialize the system profile error messages in the server logs

SEVERE [ReferenceObjectSerializer30] Expected reference object does not match by key id: serialized=PCoD. 
SEVERE [StoreSystemprofileRequestProtocol] Failed to deserialize system profile: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.server.communication.requestprotocol.systemprofiles.StoreSystemprofileRequestProtocol readRequest:45 
 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected reference object does not match by key id 

The main reason for this issue is multiple users are editing the system profile at the same time.


The solution is simply to close all clients connected to the AppMon server, and restarting the server process.

Root Cause

The system profile version cached on the client clashes with the server version. This happens when some changes were saved to the server version from another client, when the version on the current client was still being edited.