AppMon: 5.0+


Have configured more than 12GB to the Analysis server via the dtanalysisserver.ini file per the following:


Yet only 12GB is allocated.


The following web link contains steps to increase the maximum heap for your AppMon Server, but since you need this for your Analysis Server, you would apply the same switch in the same manner, but to the config file called dtanalysisserver.ini instead of dtserver.ini:

In summary, here is what you need to do:

A switch must be added to override the Hard Coded limit.
The -Xms24G & -Xmx24G need the new switch -maxXmx=
You would add: -maxXmx=24G

For 24G, your dtanalysisserver.ini would have this:


And it does need the equal sign for that switch. And the min doesn't need to be 24G, it is set this way for illustration.

In release 5.5, this switch is already included in the ini file and it is preset to 0 so that there is no limit

Root Cause

AppMon 5.0 introduced this limit, and in 5.5 we've already added the required switch in case there is a need to limit the heap allocated to the server/analysis server.