AppMon: 6.0


How collector fail over works?


There is no collector load balance and fail over before 6.0.

First we have to configure collector group.

Let me explain how collector fail over works.

1: A Collector Group is shown – which includes both Collectors
2: The List of all Collectors in that Group is sent to all Collectors in the group from the Server
3: All Agents are configured to a single IP (a single Collector in the Collector Group)
4: The boostrap agent connects to the single Collector
5: The ‘real’ agent is downloaded to the Agents
6: The bootrap agent disconnects from the Collector
7: The ‘real’ agent connects to the single configured Collector
8: The Collector list is pushed to the Agents and some Agents are load balanced to the other Collector
9: The Collectors that are now load balanced to a different Collector connect to that Collector
10: Uninstrumened Byte/IL Code is sent to the Collectors and instrumented Byte/IL Code is sent back to the Agents
11: Meta data is sent from the Collectors to the Agents
12: Collector 1 goes down
13: Agents disconnect
14: Agents move to next Collector in list
15: Agents connect to new Collector
16: Agents send their Meta data to the new Collector
17: Agents send data to Server
18: Server requests new Meta data from Collectors
19: Collector sends Meta data to Server

That's how collector fail over works