• Instrumentation






Each instrumented method will be tagged with all API's which are assigned with any rules which apply to the instrumented method. This means that any instrumented method may be assigned more than one (1) API.

For purposes of the API breakdown display, (and related views) each method may have only one(1) primary API. The primary API for a method is determined by the order of the Knowledge Sensor Packs (KSPs) that are applied to the application.

The order of the KSPs may be changed within the Profile Properties editor screen.


  • The order of the Knowledge Sensor Packs does not influence the instrumentation. The order only affects the analysis of the collected data and how it is displayed in the dynaTrace Client.
  • A change of the order of a Knowledge Sensor Pack takes affect immediately. A Hot Sensor Placement is not necessary.
  • New custom KSPs are automatically created as top priority KSPs.