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Java Web Start(JWS) (WebStart) based applications are generally run on a client machine, but are loaded over the network from a remote machine. This means that it is not always easy to access the Java command line to add the required agent arguments as defined in the AppMon documentation. This Knowledge Base article describes an alternate way to configure JWS based applications to be monitored with AppMon.

The JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable can be utilized to define additional Java command line arguments. This variable can be defined as follows to configure the AppMon agent.

$ export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-agentpath:"/dynatrace_home/lib/"=name=TestJVM,server=

When defined in this manner, any JVM started from a shell with this environment variable defined, will load the AppMon agent and connect to the specified AppMon Server.

Note: It is assumed that the user already understands how to define custom entry points within AppMon. Since most JWS based applications do not contain JSPs, Servlets, or Java Web Services, custom entry points will be required, otherwise no Purepaths will be visible.

Note: In some cases the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS is disabled for security reasons, for example, on Solaris OS the option is disabled when the effective user or group ID differs from the real ID.

In certain versions of the v6.x runtime, the JAVA_TOOLS_OPTIONS parameter is ignored. This has been recognized as a bug by Sun and is documented as bug 6770420. A fix has been released and is available in the Sun JRE v6u12-build02.