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  1. Set the debug flag "com.dynatrace.diagnostics.dumpClasses" to true on the collector that the agent in question reports to.
    See here: Setting AppMon Collector Debug Flags for an introduction on how to set debug flags for a collector
  2. Restart the collector
  3. Restart the application in question (with AppMon agent injected)
  4. This should result in the creation of a folder called "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/out" for a Java or "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/modules" and "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/transformed" for a .NET application. These folders contain the original and transformed byte code of the classes that get loaded in the application. These files may exist on the file system of any Collector in your Collector Group. Check the file systems of all, or determine what Collector the Agent is currently connected to. Please verify that these folders are present, and if not, repeat steps 1 - 3. If they still do not show up, contact support.
  5. Now reproduce the bug that happens when AppMon agent is injected.
  6. Recursively zip the "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/out" (Java) or "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/modules" (.NET) folder and send it to support for analysis.
  7. Disable the debug flag again by setting its value to "false".


  • In case an instance collector is used, the related class dump subfolders are below "<DT_HOME>/collector/instances/<instance_name>/cache/".
  • If collector groups are in use, it is suggested to take one collector out of the group or use another collector for taking the class dump. On the related agent, beside pointing to the dumpClasses-configured collector, the "<DT_HOME>/agent/conf/collectorlist.<agent_name>" file needs to be deleted before the restart, otherwise the agent will still try to connect to the collector group.
  • In case an embedded collector is in use, the debug flag needs to be set on the server according to Setting AppMon Server Debug Flags and the class dump can finally be found below "<DT_HOME>/server/cache/".
  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Path needs to be changed to "<DT_HOME>/collector/instances/<instance_name>/cache/out" instead of "<DT_HOME>/collector/cache/out".