Affects Versions: All

  • Java Agent
  • Instrumentation






When performing Hot Sensor Placement using the menu icon, Hot Sensor Placement is performed on all java agents in the System Profile. Sometimes it may be desirable to perform Hot Sensor Placement on only certain agents. This Knowledge Base article describes how to perform this procedure.

1) Double click on the profile of choice in the cockpit. The Overview tab opens.
2) In the resulting Overview pane, select the agent(s) of choice to be hot sensor placed. (Multiple agents can be selected using the Ctrl-Click technique.)
3) Right click on the selected agent(s), select Hot Sensor Placement.

Hot Sensor Placement will be performed only on the selected agents.

Note: It is not possible to hot sensor place specific agents out of multiple agents with the same host and the same agent name. This is generally only seen on homogeneous clusters.