Java 1.7 on Windows operating system



Http(s) communication between Agent/Collector/Server halts which manifests in either hanging processes or a restart of Collector/Server services triggered by watchdog. It has been observed only when default communication channels for Agent/Collector/Server were changed to HTTP(s)


Set Java Virtual Machine network protocol preference to IPv4 which can be done by adding the option below to dtcollector.ini followed by collector restart

Typically the file can be found in the following location:
C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 5.5.0\dtcollector.ini

Root Cause

Due to a bug in Java 1.7 which relates to handling IPv4/IPv6 communication on Windows operating systems Java threads might occasionally hang while retrieving data from network on HTTP/HTTPS protocols. It is vaguely known problem at Oracle(SUN) that might be related to certain network hardware or configuration settings. Any new developments in this mater can be tracked on