What's the meaning of icon in PurePath dashlet?
There are red/green/orange round icon in PurePath dashlet. What's the meaning of them?



“Underneath the Hood” detected errors are also marked in each PurePathand User Action where they are identified. When drilling to the PurePathwe can therefore see where these errors where detected, e.g: a Severe Log Message, a specific Exception or an HTTP 500 Response Code

Red: The error has impact level "Fail".
Green: The status is good without any errors.
Orange: The error has been defined as "count as errors"

Gray: Path Corrupted – It is not possible to determine PurePath success because the PurePath is corrupted. Either an involved Agent may have been shut down before the PurePath completed, or a node may contain corrupted information.
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    Shouldnt grey be in the list aswell? I think that is when data is missing in the purepath (from timeout och maxxed out length)

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      Hi Anders,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I will update the article.