AppMon: 6.0


Why I can see data point every 10 seconds in the latest 1 hour, but 1 minutes interval after 1 hour?



Root Cause

To clarify the root cause, we need explain some basic knowledge about Purepath and measure.
10 Minutes: AppMon calculates measures on a 10 second interval. For example: Every 10 seconds AppMon server calculates Min, Max, Avg... from PurePath response time.

1 Minute: Every minute the data from previous minute is aggregated into 1 minute and it will be stored in the PW. That means the measure in PW has the MIN resolution with 1 minutes

1 Hour: You can get a measure point for every 10 seconds for the last hour, because the measure is stored in memory, and after 1 hour, the data can only be found in PW, then the resolution could be 1 minutes.

From the algorithm above, the data hasn't been aggregated into 1 minute within one hour, so you can see the measure point for every 10 seconds. After 1 hour, the data will be aggregated into 1 minutes and then is stored in PW.