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The health of an Agent Manager tells you whether it is running and if data is being collected. The report also shows the Agent Manager's basic statistics, including:

  • Recent Health Indicator

  • Current Health Indicator

  • Number of critical errors by days (3)

  • Last error time and description

  • Number of manual commands (by days) – resets, reboots

  • Number of auto-corrections (by days)

  • Number of alerts (by days)

  • Network utilization

  • Handle count

  • Disk space summary (total, used, free) for all disks

  • Memory summary (installed, usable, free, actual memory/virtual memory, virtual memory allocated, total allocated memory)

The Agent Health Summary is a real-time report that provides information about the selected Agent, including the machine name, network address, and location of the Agent, and the most recent errors that have occurred on the Agent. This report can be accessed from the Agent Manager, Deployment View, and the Health Monitoring view. For more information, see Health Monitoring View.

Report Details

The report to determine the health of the machine on which the Agent Manager is installed. The report is divided into the following sections:

Agent Manager Health Summary Section


The date/time that this summary was created.


The name of the Agent Manager as defined in the Enterprise Synthetic Console


The machine name on which the Agent Manager is installed.


The Location of the machine, as defined in Enterprise Synthetic Console.


The ID of the user executing the Enterprise Synthetic Health Event Manager.


If this is a child Agent Manager, this is the parent Agent Manager to which this Agent Manager is assigned.


The date/time that the Agent Manager was installed on the machine.


The machine's IP address.


The date/time that the Agent Manager's health was checked and sent to the database.


The machine's processor type and speed.


The operating system installed on the machine.


The path where Enterprise Synthetic is installed, by default: installdrive:\Program Files\Compuware\Enterprise Synthetic.


The current status of the Agent Manager. Valid values are:


Red (Critical): Running with critical errors.


Yellow (Warning): Running with warnings.


Green (Normal): Running without errors since last health reset.


The status of the Agent Manager since the last health reset, at most 72 hours. Valid values are the same as for CurrentAgentStatus above.


The number of errors that occurred on this machine, during, at most, the last 72 hours.


The type of error that last occurred.


The date/time that the last error occurred on this machine.


A brief description of the last error that occurred.

Agent Manager Error History

If there have been no errors within in the last 72 hours, this section is blank.


The date and time of the status.


The status at that date/time.


Type of error that occurred.


A description of the error.

Disk Space

Logical Disk

The disk in which Enterprise Synthetic is installed.

Absolute Free Disk Space (MB)

The amount (in megabytes) of free space available on this disk.

Percentage Free Disk Space (percent)

The percentage of free disk space available on the current drive.

Health Rates

Averaging Period (seconds)

The health rates are averaged, from time periods of 60 seconds up to an hour (3600 seconds).   


If the Agent Manager has been running for a short time, six minutes, for example, the rates reported for the five minute period are reported for the 600, 1800, and 3600 second periods. These values are updated once the Agent Manager has run over 60 minutes.

Processor Utilization (percent)

The percentage of the processor used by the Agent Manager software.

System Processor Utilization (percent)

The utilization percentage of the processor by all programs and processes running on the machine.

Page Faults (per sec)

The number of page faults per second of the Agent Manager.

System Cache Hits (percent)

System-wide, the percentage of cache hits on the machine.

System UDP Datagrams Sent (per sec)

System-wide, the number of UDP datagrams sent.

System UDP Datagrams Received (per sec)

System-wide, the number of UDP datagrams received.

Health Statistics

Private Bytes (bytes)

The amount of system memory used by the Enterprise Synthetic Web Service.

Handle Count (handles)

The number of handles the Enterprise Synthetic Web Service has open.

System Available Memory (bytes)

The amount of system memory, including virtual memory, available.

System Processor Queue Length (threads)

This value shows the volume of backlog on the system.


Machine Name

The DNS or NetBIOS machine name on which the Agent Manager is installed.

IP Address

The IP address of the machine on which the Agent Manager is installed.


The status of the Agent Manager.

CPU Count

The number of CPUs that are in the machine.


If the machine has a single-core processor but hyperthreading is enabled, two CPUs are shown in this report. Likewise, if the machine has a dual-core processor and hyperthreading is enabled, four CPUs are show in this report.

CPU 0 Speed (MHz)

The processor speed of the first CPU.

CPU 1 Speed (MHz)

The processor speed of the second CPU, if available. If there is only one CPU, this column does not display.


The release number and build number of the Agent Manager software.

Up Time (seconds)

The number of seconds that the Enterprise Synthetic Web Service has been running since the last service start.


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