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This topic describes the settings on the Agent - Performance tab.


If you use VantageView, this dialog box may contain additional options.
Figure 1. Agent Performance Tab

Active Agent Performance tab

Performance Monitoring Section

Enable performance monitoring

Select this option to allow active performance monitoring on this Agent. This will not impact Automated Check monitoring.

Update repository with performance data every n minutes

Specify the frequency in which the performance data is uploaded to the Agent Manager's data repository. The default is 1 (one) minute. Set the value from 1 to 60 minutes.

Alerts Section

Select the Enable Agent alerts option to generate performance, availability, and rules-based alerts for the selected Agent.

Tasks Section

If an interval task cannot be executed because the previous task has not finished

Select one of the options:

  • Wait until the next interval – The transaction is skipped this time but executed at its next regularly scheduled interval.

  • Wait until the previous script finishes – (Default) The execution of the script is delayed until the conflicting schedule finishes.

Run custom executable on task error

Enable this option to specify a custom executable to be run in the event of a performance alert. Make sure to add the full path and program name in the Run custom executable on task error field. For more information, see Enabling a Performance Custom Executable.


In addition to this setting, the Enable secure communication on the General tab must be enabled.

Script Tool Overrides Section

Scripting Tool

The scripting tool used to create scripts for the Agent.


Right-click the Credentials column for a particular scripting tool and select the credential from the menu or you can add new credentials by selecting Add. For more information, see Adding Credentials.

Command Line

Modify the existing command line (or replace it) as needed.

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