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The Agent Recorder, which is installed on Enterprise Synthetic Agents, is the scripting component of Enterprise Synthetic. It enables you to create and run synthetic scripts designed to simulate the action or path an end-user would take when navigating a Web site or application. Synthetic scripts generate the data required for Enterprise Synthetic to assess and measure the functionality, availability, and response times of Web sites or applications.

The Agent Recorder provides support for testing applications developed in a wide variety of development tools including Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++, browser-based web applications, and COM components, including both ActiveX controls and automation objects.

The Agent Recorder uses Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications () as its scripting language. For more information, see Agent Recorder and Visual Basic.


Observe the following recommendations when using the Agent Recorder with Enterprise Synthetic:

  • You must reboot the Agents daily. For more information, see Rebooting an Agent.

  • Do not configure a single execution of the Agent Recorder to last for more than 3 hours.

  • The Agent Recorder does not support database replication.

  • Enterprise Synthetic database publishing supports an Agent Recorder Microsoft Access database.

  • The Agent Recorder does not support raw mode recording or playback.

  • Script names with spaces are not supported.

  • Only one GUI script can be run at a time.


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