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Sets or returns a sleep period in milliseconds between successive attempts at check retries. Used with the CheckRetry Property for the TPlayback object.

object.CheckTimeOut As Long

The object is always the TPlayback object.

Property Value

The amount of time in milliseconds between attempts to execute a check during playback.


The CheckTimeOut property is typically used with the CheckRetry property to set the frequency of and duration between successive retries of a check.

Any CheckTimeOut value specified overrides the CheckTimeOut setting in Agent Recorder's Playback Check options. If the CheckTimeOut property has not been set, the return value reflects the CheckTimeOut value set in the Playback Check options.

The following code saves the CheckTimeOut property value from the run environment to a variable. It then sets the CheckTimeOut property to three seconds. The code then executes a check and creates a user check based on successful execution before restoring the check time-out value from the run environment.

Objects Exposing the CheckTimeOut Property

Table 1.



TPlayback Object

Provides access to runtime specific playback information held by Agent Recorder.


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