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Health alerts include monitoring information such as the communication status of Agents and Agent Managers, whether the Agent or Agent Manager is running, and basic statistics related to the Agent Manager, Agents, and specific transactions.

Enterprise Synthetic health alerts can be customized and displayed in Enterprise Synthetic Console reports.

In Enterprise Synthetic, you can receive health alerts for:

Agent Managers

Agent Manager health alerts allow you to monitor the performance of the database and ensure that transactions are running as scheduled on the Agents. Agent Manager health alerts trigger when problems occur, such as database errors, SQL Server errors, and hardware failure that prevent data from being processed into the database. If these alerts are enabled, you are immediately advised when a problem occurs.


Agent health alerts allow you to monitor the ongoing performance of Agent machines and immediately receive notification when a problem occurs. Some problems that are encountered by an Agent are automatically repaired, without user intervention. For more information, see Automatic Correction of Agents.


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