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Use the Health Monitoring view for a quick view of the status of your Agents, Agent Managers, and tasks running on each of the Agents.

Access the Health Monitoring view by clicking the Health Monitoring view button button in the toolbar or using the menu option View ► Health Monitoring.

A summary of each Agent is represented in a row that includes Agent health, Agent Manager health, overall task health and counts, and the status of each task deployed on the Agent.

Additionally, from this view you can:

  • See the health of each Agent and Agent Manager. Determine if an Agent or Agent Manager is down.

  • Reset Agent, Agent Manager, and script errors.

  • See the health of each task running on an Agent.

  • Easily identify any overrun tasks. For more information, see Tasks Duration Window.

  • Determine the last time data was retrieved by the Agent Manager.

  • Determine the last time the database was updated.

  • Access Agent, Agent Manager, and script health and error history reports.

  • Access the Agent Summary Report to view detailed information about the selected Agent. For more information, see Agent Summary Report.

  • Connect to the Agent Manager or Agent machine.

Figure 1. Example of the Health Monitoring View

Example of the Health Monitoring view


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