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Integrated EUE reporting provides a consolidated view of DC RUM data, Enterprise Synthetic data, and Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring data. These reports are available in the CAS, Dynatrace Enterprise Portal, and APM mobile app provided that Enterprise Synthetic is integrated with these products. For more information, see Dynatrace Product Integrations.

Viewing Synthetic data with the DC RUM data enables you to:

  • Identify issues that are hidden by the volume of DC RUM data.

  • Identify issues that prevent access to critical transactions during low load times before DC RUM users find them.

  • Provide insight into the cause of problems when known transactions may or may not reflect the same issues as DC RUM data.

  • Access multiple views of synthetic data that display the status of monitored applications, sites, and transactions.

  • Create customized reports that display your own views and navigation preferences.

CAS Integrated EUE Reporting

The RUM Overview menu in the CAS provides access to Applications, Tiers, and Sites reports that integrate the Synthetic tiers with the DC RUM tiers and provide navigation from the Synthetic tier data to detailed Synthetic data for fault domain isolation and troubleshooting.

The Synthetic Overview report in the CAS displays a complete status of synthetic-only applications and sites with navigation from the Synthetic tier data to more detailed Synthetic data reports that display application, site, and transaction performance. This report can combine Enterprise Enterprise Synthetic data and SaaS Enterprise Synthetic data from which you can navigate to more specific details of each.

You can also access individual Enterprise Synthetic reports directly from the Data Mining Reports page in the CAS. From this page, you can create and access your own custom Synthetic Data Mining reports.

CAS reports displaying Synthetic data are hierarchically organized to enable you to navigate from general Synthetic data to more detailed data specific to an application, site, or transaction that has an issue. The following comprehensive list of CAS reports that display Synthetic data is organized by report type:

Status Overview Reports

  • Synthetic Overview

  • Synthetic Applications

  • Synthetic Transactions

  • Synthetic Single Site Status

Performance Reports

  • Synthetic Application Performance

  • Synthetic Site Performance

Transaction List Reports

  • Transaction List

  • Slow Transactions

  • Unavailable Transactions


  • Metric Charts for Application

  • Metric Charts for Transaction

Deep Dive Reports

  • Network Analysis Reports

  • Dynatrace Synthetic Details Dashboard

For more information about viewing Synthetic data in the various CAS reports and charts, refer to the Data Center Real User Monitoring CAS User Guide.

Enterprise Synthetic integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring requires that both products integrate with an existing CAS to create a unified reporting workflow. After configuring the integration, you can drill down from integrated EUE reports in the CAS to view a custom Dynatrace Application Monitoring dashboard that displays application server details for a selected transaction. For more information, see Viewing Enterprise Synthetic Data in Dynatrace Application Monitoring.

MobileAPM Mobile Client App Integrated EUE Reporting

TheMobileAPM app enables you to view your application delivery chain for an entire application or a single transaction on your smartphone or tablet. You can analyze your most import key performance indicators consolidated across real users, synthetic tests, and network and data center tiers.

The reports in the app display a status indicator of Synthetic data with navigation to the details of key metrics over time. The specific Synthetic data that appears in the app includes transaction details, such as the performance or availability of a transaction, the transaction time, and the transaction breakdown charts for a specific period of time.

Download MobileAPM from the Apple or Android App store. After installing the app, you must configure a connection to an existing CAS, and ensure the Show Synthetic option is set to on.

Dynatrace Enterprise Portal Integrated EUE Reporting

In the Dynatrace Enterprise Portal, integrated EUE reporting data from the CAS is displayed on the Application Health Status page of the Applications dashboard. This page is an interactive and comprehensive application health summary from which you can view the status of an application over the last 24 hours and navigate to more detailed CAS reports for fault domain isolation and deep-dive analysis.


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