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Sets or returns the maximum wait time in seconds for a Java-based Oracle application to report an idle state after an operation has been performed to one of its objects.

object.OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeOut As Long

The object is always the TPlayback object.

Property Value

The number of seconds Agent Recorder waits for an Java-based Oracle application to report an idle state before sending a "failed to attach" message.


Any OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeOut value specified overrides the Oracle-Java Synchronization Timeout setting in Agent Recorder's Playback Timing options. If the OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeout property has not been specified, the return value reflects the value in the Playback Timing options.

The default value is 45 seconds. Setting a longer time-out value is useful for testing applications or computers with slower response times.

The following code uses the OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeout property to save the current default value from the run environment as a variable. It then sets the OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeout property to 60 seconds. The code then performs some automation in a Oracle-Java application under test before restoring the previous value.

Objects Exposing the OracleJavaSynchronizationTimeout Property

Table 1.



TPlayback Object

Provides access to runtime specific playback information held by Agent Recorder.


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