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Schedules can be created to run any program or batch file, restart a program, reboot the Agent, and perform other tasks. Use the Schedules content pane to view, add, or modify the schedules used to execute tasks (scripts) on the Agents.

Enterprise Synthetic includes the following default schedules:

  • Default 15 minutes (Default)

  • Default reboot schedule

  • Hourly - 24/7

  • Hourly - Business

On the Schedules content pane, you can view existing schedules and add, modify, or delete schedules (except those currently in use).


To refresh the data on the content pane, press [F5] or right-click inside the grid and select Refresh.

As shown in the figure below, this schedule shows a schedule used for Task ABC. This task (and its associated applications/transactions) is scheduled to run every 8 minutes, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., and does not run at all on Saturday and Sunday.

Figure 1. Schedule Example

Schedule example

As described below, there are other methods available to control when the transactions run on Agents.


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