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Sets or returns the time (in seconds) before any Wait statements will expire when the wait period is set to 0 (zero).

object.WaitTimeOut As Long

The object is always the TPlayback object.

Property Value

A number representing the maximum time a Wait statement will wait if the wait has passed a zero first parameter.


Any specified setting for WaitTimeOut overrides the Wait timeout setting in Agent Recorder's Playback Timing Options. If the WaitTimeOut property value has not been specified, the return value reflects the Wait time out value set in the Playback Timing options.

If the WaitTimeOut property is set to "0" (zero) seconds, the TimeOut value of the Wait Method is used for each Wait event in a test script.  If the WaitTimeOut property is set to "0" (zero) seconds and the TimeOut value for a Wait event is also set to "0" (zero) seconds, the wait time for the event is infinite.

The following code sets WaitTimeOut property to five seconds. Two wait events are then created. The first will use its TimeOut value because that value is not zero. The second will use the WaitTimeOut property setting of five seconds because its TimeOut value is zero.

The code then sets the WaitTimeOut property to zero seconds and creates another event. The wait time for that event will be indefinite because both its TimeOut value and the WaitTimeOut property value are zero seconds.

Objects Exposing the WaitTimeOut Property

Table 1.



TPlayback Object

Provides access to runtime specific playback information held by Agent Recorder.


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