Dynatrace and hybris' experts have worked together and built a performance monitoring configuration for dynatrace based on hybris' experience and project best practices. If you want to improve the performance of your eCommerce solution, need to continuously monitor your end user's or application's performance or are required to find errors, problems or performance bottlenecks fast you can now try dynaTrace for free.



You can now experience all features of dynatrace on your own.
All you need is:

  • a hybris installation (version 4.5+ , dev, test or production environment)
  • a recent windows or linux system to install dynatrace (virtual machine is ok for test)
  • the dynatrace installers (download links to the right)
  • the hybris preconfiguration fastpack (download to the right)
  • a dynatrace trial
  • some time for setup and exploring

Install Dynatrace AppMon components

Execute the downloaded MSI installation package and walk through the basic installation.

Verify the Installation

To verify that the Dynatrace AppMon services were started check the windows services by issuing the following command in a shell. Of course you can also use the Windows Services MMC.

Also check if the Dynatrace AppMon service ports (8021, 2021, 6699, 9911, 9998) are openend and allowed in firewall rules:

The Dynatrace AppMon installation files for Linux and MAC are packaged as a executable Java Archive (jar). You will need a Java runtime 1.8 (don't use OpenJDK) environment available on your system, either prepackaged with your distribution or available here

Install Dynatrace AppMon components

To install Dynatrace AppMon please run the following command :

This will launch the installer, just follow the instructions of the setup script.

After completing the installation start the Dynatrace AppMon server process - either as a background process (-bg) or using the /init.d scripts (if available):

Next start the Dynatrace AppMon collector process in the same way:

You also can use the init.d scripts in the  <install directory>/init.d  directory to integrate the Dynatrace AppMon services with your system init process.

For more information feel free to consult the Dynatrace AppMon Server Configuration Documentation.

Verify the Installation

To verify that the Dynatrace services were started check by issuing the following command in a shell.

Also check if the Dynatrace services ports (8021, 2021, 6699, 9911, 9998) are openend and allowed in firewall rules:

Most Common Problems?

Every Dynatrace AppMon component will create a log file, e.g: Server.0.0.log, ... In case there are issues the log files will contain information. Most common problems are port conflicts with other software, not enough memory or storage or network/firewall related problems

To try dynatrace with your hybris installation you can use our 30 day trial license. This personal license will enable you to:

  • monitor 5 hybris application servers
  • monitor 5 webservers
  • trace up to 100k visits with dynatrace's User Experience Management (client side monitoring)

Upon registration you will receive your license file via email. Please use this license file to activate your dynatrace installation.


Once your dynatrace server is up and running launch the dynatrace client and connect it to your dynatrace server. The client will prompt you to install your license. After you have done so ignore the instructions in the dynatrace client. Instead you can continue to install the the hybris fastpack. This fastpack will automate the configuration of dynatrace for monitoring a hybris environment.

To install the fastpack follow these steps:

  • Make sure the dynatrace server is running
  • Launch the dynatrace client and connect the server
  • In the client navigate to Settings > dynaTrace Servers
  • On the left side select Plugins and then Install Plugins
  • In the file open dialog select the downloaded hybris fastpack (hybris-fastpack-2.3.dtp)
  • confirm the installation of the fastpack and wait for the installation to complete

Did you know?

The hybris fastpack is beeing developed together with hybris and is only a starting point for monitoring an environment. You can always create your own dashboards. We would like to get your feedback on what's missing or what would be nice to have!

See the fastpack page to learn which dashboards are included or if you have suggestions to improve it.

After setting up the dynatrace server and installing the hybris monitoring fastpack you need to enable the dynatrace agent for the hybris application servers. This is done by modifying the JVM startup parameters for the application servers. The dynatrace agent binaries are shipped with the hybris installation so there is no need to install anything on your application servers.

Follow these steps to load the dynatrace agent:

  1. shutdown the hybris application server
  2. in your hybris installation directory locate the local.properties file. This is usually located in <install dir>/config

  3. Add to the top or modify the following lines in local.properties

  4. Propagate the changes to the hybris configuration

  5. Restart the hybris applicationserver. On the console output of the starting applicationserver you should see log entries from the dynatrace agent, followed by some dynatrace status information:

Good to know

The dynatrace agent is bundled with the hybris installation since version 4.5. Back then this was dynatrace version 4.2. But there is no need to update the agent to a newer version as it will automatically update itself when connecting to a dynatrace server with a newer version (currently 6.1).

What's the Overhead?

Now that's one of the most asked questions. How much overhead does monitoring with dynatrace impose on my environment and endusers? We at Dynatrace are performance enthusiasts and so is our software! So here is our promise: 2-3% overhead in production while still providing visibility into all transactions - no sampling. Malicious tongues say that's impossible but we have always proven them wrong. The best way to find out is by starting using it with our trial!

By the way: a lot of users improve their solution with the findings dynatrace can provide in the first hours by way more than the imposed overhead!

As soon as your application servers have started and connected to the dynatrace server you will see them in the dynatrace client. Create some traffic on your hybris website and you will automatically see performance data in dynatrace!

Here are some of the predefined dashboards and out of the box monitoring that you will find in the hybris fastpack. Obviously there is a lot more to discover once you are up and running with dynatrace, especially the great end-to-end diagnostic capabilities!

Monitor your platform like hybris does!

hybris uses Dynatrace to monitor all customer installations in their Managed Services offering, providing high quality and performance and fastest problem resolution. hybris Professional Services, Support and Development Teams all talk 'Dynatrace' and use it throughout the lifecycle. As a hybris partner you can benefit from that by speeding up implementation projects and services.
You can now leverage Dynatrace to not only improve your ecommerce platform but also to improve communication accross all parties.

Accessing the hybris Dashboards

You can access the hybris monitoring dashboards via the Dashboard > Open menu in the dynaTrace client or via the open folder icon in the upper left of the toolbar.

Need help?

In case you get stuck somewhere or need assistance with setting up dynatrace for hybris head over to our forums or just send us an email.

The dashboards contained in the fastpack are only a starting point. You can customize your environment and create additional dashboards, taking it from basic monitoring to a level wher dynatrace becomes you realtime business monitoring and reporting tool. Here are a few examples taken from real customeres environments showing what they do with monitoring their hybris environment with dynatrace!

Business or Technical?

Doesn't matter! Both! Since dynatrace can capture any detail from your environment down to the code level and database statement for every transaction and user's click you are able to create accurate business reports as well as an elaborative end-user report. You will be abale to count every order and see every user - if you wish tagged by ther login name or customer ID. That's the advantage dynatrace provides by covering 100% of your transactions and not using a sample approach like other APM tools do.




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