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What are the resource requirements to run Dynatrace AppMon?

You can run an Dynatrace AppMon environment for evaluation purposes on a typical modern Desktop or Laptop machine running a recent version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 or higher) or a recent Linux distribution (Kernel 2.6+). Preferrably 64bit OS. We recommend at least 4 CPU Cores and 4Gb Memory. Depending on if you want to also run your application servers locally you should plan for more memory. If you prefer you can also run Dynatrace on Docker using our pre-configured Docker containers:

I have installed Dynatrace, AppMon how do I get my trial license installed and activated?

When you sign up for a Dynatrace AppMon trial we are generating a personal license for you. To install this license you need to launch the Dynatrace client, connect to the Dynatrace AppMon server and it will immediately ask you for a license. You can either access your license by entering your User ID (which is the email you used to sign-up) and password. If your Client is not connected to the Internet you can also install the license file that we have sent you via email. If you haven't received that file just LET ME KNOW and I will re-send it. 

Once your license is activated you are good to go!

What happens after my 30 Days Trial License is expired?

You will receive emails before the trial license expires reminding you about the fact that your 30 day trial will automatically convert to a Personal License (see terms). This means you can keep using Dynatrace AppMon FOR LIFE. The only limitation is that you can from now on only analyze applications that run on the same machine as your Dynatrace AppMon Server. We envisioned this to be primarily used by Developers, Testers and Architects that do basic performance checks on their local environments.

In case you need more time for analyzing your apps that run on a distributed system LET ME KNOW. Happy to give you more time if you need more time

How do I install and start the Dynatrace AppMon Server/Collector on Linux? Or on Mac?

Please follow the instructions on Step 1 - Download and Install Dynatrace

Why do I need a separate Dynatrace AppMon Collector and Dynatrace AppMon Server?

Dynatrace AppMon is built for scalability, distributed environments and high performance and security requirements. To support these scenarios a modularized architecture is required. While using one central Dynatrace AppMon server a typical monitoring architecture could consist of multiple datacenters and/or security zones in different locations with individual Dynatrace AppMon Collectors. These are preprocessing and encrypting data before forwarding it over less secure networks to the central Dynatrace AppMon Server.

Can I run Dynatrace AppMon  on other platforms than Windows and Linux?

Yes. Dynatrace AppMon supports all different kinds of platforms and operating systems. Details can be found in the release notes. However for simplicity the free trial is only available for Linux and Windows.

How can I check if my Application is connected to Dynatrace

Every Application component or tier that needs to be monitoried must be connected to the Dynatrace AppMon server via an Agent. There are different Agents for Java, .Net, PHP and Webservers that are configured differently. If you have configured them but do not see any data in the Dynatrace AppMon client you need to check if the Agents are really connected to the dynaTrace server.

Open the Agent Overview Dashlet in the Dynatrace AppMon Client to verify if your Agents are connected. For more information check out the YouTube tutorial on System Profiles, Agents and Troubleshooting

When I try to connect the Dynatrace AppMon client to my Dynatrace AppMon server I get prompted a login dialog

On the first startup the Dynatrace AppMon client should ask for the location of the Dynatrace AppMon Server and then connect automatically without prompting for a username and password. At this stage no users have been defined or default passwords have been set so this should not happen.

If you get prompted this dialog please use 'admin' as username and 'admin' as password. 

I have added the Dynatrace AppMon module to Apache's httpd.conf but I can't see it in Dynatrace AppMon

The webserver agent consists of two parts: the Apache module itself and a separate master agent process. The module communicates with the master agent process which takes care of the communication to the Dynatrace AppMon server.

How do I enable the Java Script Agent to monitor my end user/client side

Injecting the JavaScript Agent into your Application/Website does not require any modification of your code. Once you have added the Dynatrace AppMon webserver agent make sure you have enabled "Inject Java Script" in the Dynatrace AppMon configuration. See here how to do this (you can skip to the last step).


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