Dynatrace AppMon & UEM helps you find the root cause of your Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Web and Mobile Apps. It reduces unplanned work in your delivery pipeline - whether you use it in development, test and continuous delivery or for intelligent production and end user monitoring  by giving you full End-to-End Visiblity into your Application Infrastructure. Test it on your Windows, Linux or Mac or use our pre-configured Docker Images.

To learn more whether it is for you either Watch the YouTube Video below or read the blog on What Dynatrace AppMon Can Do For You And How It Works. Then follow the guided steps on your My Dynatrace AppMon Trial to learn about Installation, Configuration and Performance Analysis. Start with the 30 Day Trial and continue with the Lifetime Personal License. Enjoy!

REMINDER: This community page is about Dynatrace AppMon & UEM. If you are looking for Dynatrace SaaS (formerly known as Ruxit) please REGISTER your Dynatrace SaaS trial HERE!!

What is Dynatrace AppMon & UEM, Is It a Tool For You, How does it Work?




Your Next step: Download the Installers or Get our Docker Containers


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