You can run a Dynatrace AppMon environment for evaluation purposes on a typical modern desktop or laptop machine running a recent version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 or higher) or a recent Linux distribution (Kernel 2.6+), preferably 64bit OS with 4GB memory. Or run everything in our pre-configured Docker containers. Depending on if you want to also run your application servers on the same machine, you should plan for more memory.

Dynatrace AppMon Server Platform Installers

Please download the appropriate Dynatrace AppMon server installers for your platform below. Be aware that it is ~ 1GB to download. This package however contains ALL you need. If you have problems downloading such large files LET ME KNOW.

The Dynatrace AppMon Server component is supported on Windows and Linux. Free Trial Users can also use our Mac OS version. The Dynatrace AppMon Client, which is needed to access the server is available for generic Java Webstart (comes with the 1GB download package) or as standalone Windows and Mac OS X. You can download the standalone Dynatrace AppMon Client installation files in the next step after setting up the server.

Install Dynatrace AppMon components

Execute the downloaded MSI installation package and walk through the basic installation.

Verify the Installation

To verify that the Dynatrace AppMon services were started check the windows services by issuing the following command in a shell. Of course you can also use the Windows Services MMC.

Also check if the Dynatrace AppMon service ports (8021, 2021, 6699, 9911, 9998) are openend and allowed in firewall rules:

The Dynatrace AppMon installation files for Linux and MAC are packaged as a executable Java Archive (jar). You will need a Java runtime 1.8 (don't use OpenJDK) environment available on your system, either prepackaged with your distribution or available here

Install Dynatrace AppMon components

To install Dynatrace AppMon please run the following command :

This will launch the installer, just follow the instructions of the setup script.

After completing the installation start the Dynatrace AppMon server process - either as a background process (-bg) or using the /init.d scripts (if available):

Next start the Dynatrace AppMon collector process in the same way:

You also can use the init.d scripts in the  <install directory>/init.d  directory to integrate the Dynatrace AppMon services with your system init process.

For more information feel free to consult the Dynatrace AppMon Server Configuration Documentation.

Verify the Installation

To verify that the Dynatrace services were started check by issuing the following command in a shell.

Also check if the Dynatrace services ports (8021, 2021, 6699, 9911, 9998) are openend and allowed in firewall rules:

Most Common Problems?

Every Dynatrace AppMon component will create a log file, e.g: Server.0.0.log, ... In case there are issues the log files will contain information. Most common problems are port conflicts with other software, not enough memory or storage or network/firewall related problems

GOT A PROBLEM on your machine? Let me know by SENDING me an email to ASK FOR HELP!

Once you Dynatrace AppMon server is up and running the next step is to activate your license.

Next Step: Activate License


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