IIS Express is mainly used during the Development Process of .NET based applications. In order to use the dynaTrace .NET and Web Server Agent (for UEM) with IIS Express it is necessary to follow the following steps:

Enable dynaTrace for IIS Express 7.5

Step 1: Disable Logging

IIS Express will fail to launch in case an extension loaded into IIS writes log messages to the system output. In order to disable dynaTrace logging set the following two environment variables for IIS Express. As IIS Express is often launched by Visual Studio you have to set these variables for Visual Studio. You can also set this system-wide to avoid any problems:

Step 2: Configure .NET Agent through .NET Configuration Tool

Use the .NET Agent Configuration tool and configure iisexpress.exe to connect to your System Profile.

Step 3: Configure dynaTrace Web Server Modules for UEM

If you want to use dynaTrace UEM with IIS Express you have to configure the dynaTrace Web Server Module in the applicationHost.config file. This config file tells IIS Express which modules to load. Its default location is C:\Users\<username>\Documents\IISExpress\config\applicationhost.config. Add the following two lines:

In section <globalModules> add

In section <modules> add:

For general information check out the online documentation on Web Server Agent Configuration and Microsoft IIS Web Server Agent Configuration

IIS Express 8

As of this writing (March 2012) IIS Express 8 is in Beta. IIS Express 8 will come in both 32 and 64 bit as compared to IIS Express 7.5. If you run IIS Express 8 in 64bit you have to load the 64bit version of the dtiisagent7.dll module which is located under "<dynaTrace install>\agent\lib64\dtiisagent7.dll"

  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    I had to use dtagent.dll rather than dtiisagent7.dll for IIS Express 8 to avoid "not bootstrapped" and "shared memory mismatch" errors.

  2. Anonymous (login to see details)

    We were able to configure iisexpress.exe and get the .NET agents activated but UEM injection fails for us even after following the necessary steps outlined above. UEM appeared to work in Visual Studio 2013 but when we are running a service in Visual Studio 2015 with IIS Express, the javascript is not getting injected. The web server master agent service is running in Windows. 

    Startup Project URL: http://localhost:921/

    http://localhost:921/dtagent_ICA23TVjprx_7000000041003.js fails  > 404 HTTP response code

    However, UEM does work on the default IIS port 80. 

    http://localhost:80/dtagent_ICA23TVjprx_7000000041003.js        200 HTTP response

    We have added the following under Global Modules section in applicationhost.config file.

          <add name="dynaTrace" image="C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\Dynatrace Agent 7.0\agent\lib\dtiisagent7.dll" /> 

    Also, added the                 <add name="dynaTrace" /> under Modules section. 

    Can someone advise?