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dynaLearn Webinar "Memory and Thread Diagnostics" - February 15, 2012

  • dynaTrace Memory Diagnostics Process
  • Analyzing Memory Dumps
  • Why and How to define Memory Sensor Rules

Please feel free to add your questions and remarks as comments below!

The video above is hosted on YouTube. If YouTube is unavailable in your organization, please use this player.


back to dynaLearn Webinar Overview


  1. Hi,

    Can I download these webinars? if yes, please let me know me how to download.




    1. This webinar is hosted on YouTube - so - you can view it from anywhere you like

      1. The Videos could be hosted at Dynatrace Site itself..rather than Youtube...Since in most of the organization YouTube and major video streaming service is blocked.


        1. Have you tried the second video player on that page? It plays the video hosted on dynatrace webserver.

          Also - since a while ago new webinars we record are hosted on APM University which is not using YouTube but our own servers.


    Has my office network doesn’t allow me to open webinars in youtube, but still I’m able to open in the webpage itself. Is it possible to download and save it for my reference, please!

  3. Do we have this video still available? I get an error in both players that video is no longer available.

    Can you please share the new link if it is moved?

  4. This particular video is no longer available - BUT - we have a full YouTube Channel where you can find all sorts of Tutorials: http://bit.ly/dttutorials

    There is also one about Memory Diagnostics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWy83EW_xhk&list=PLqt2rd0eew1bmDn54E2_M2uvbhm_WxY_6&index=34

    Also check out the Advanced Diagnostics Session where I think I covered Thread Analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8Z69_bAJ2M&list=PLqt2rd0eew1bmDn54E2_M2uvbhm_WxY_6&index=27&t=76s


    1. Thanks Andreas. I think these would do well.