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dynaLearn Webinar "Sessions Explained" - November 21, 2012

  • Sessions: what is the difference between continuous sessions, stored sessions, offline sessions
  • Different data stores: What is stored in a session, what is stored in the Performance Warehouse

Please feel free to add your questions and remarks as comments below!

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  1. are there plans for a 64-bit Dynatrace client, that can handle large sessions?

    1. If you have large sessions the best would be to put them on a dynaTrace server instead of analyzing the offline in your client. Some customers just install a dynaTrace Server instance that they use for exactly this purpose. It doesnt require a license - so - they simply use it as a "session analysis server".

      Would that solve your problem? A 64bit client is on the roadmap but no definite date yet. The challenge right now is that certain native libraries we use are not available in 64bit