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June 29th 2015

The new Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management breaks down barriers between business and IT.

This release makes real-time digital performance information visible, clear and actionable for every stakeholder in your business.

Jump on board now and check-out the video Introducing Dynatrace 6.2 for a kick-start!




 What's in Dynatrace Application Monitoring and UEM 6.2?

Visibility, Context and Collaboration Without Barriers

Our new Dynatrace Web gives all stakeholders personalized views of a unified data repository to support role-based information needs while streamlining collaboration. From LoB to app and infrastructure teams, everyone gets what they need so everyone’s on the same page.

  • See the big picture in context: business owners get a high level view of the “state of the union” and simple drill downs for contextual detail.
  • Make the right business decisions faster: With the omni-channel tile, see all the channels your users touch and leverage the data holistically.
  • Know your customers: Know where they are and how they're using your application with real time, contextual information from every visit.
  • Accelerate problem resolution easily: Find specific visits, package visit details and context together and send to IT with one click.

Performance for Everyone

Easy access, install-free, tablet-friendly and touch-based, Dynatrace Web runs on any browser, anywhere, anytime. A clear, easy-to-use UI and collaboration capabilities drive adoption across all stakeholder groups, especially business users.

  • Visual analytics presentation simplifies “why that happened” drill downs.
  • Optimize daily business processes with out-of-the-box workflows that automate repeatable tasks.

  • Explore millions of visits in real time using simple filters, even from a tablet.
  • One click collaboration packages relevant data and context around it and forwards to appropriate stakeholders for informed action.

Modern. Fast. Beautiful.

Designed to support business and technical stakeholders, our new web dashboards are intuitive, simple and completely customizable. With more than 10 different tile types to choose from out of the box, just drag and drop the tiles you need and arrange/size them any way you like. From LoB and CxO to technical teams, leverage powerful analytics and performance management data in a clean, elegant and intuitive UI.

  • Personalized information delivery for business and technical stakeholders.
  • Real-time data whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards require no configuration and are shareable with a single click!

Stronger, Faster Fact-Based Decisions with PureLytics™

Our new big data analytics engine called PureLytics, streamlines data analysis by pulling relevant information from millions of PurePath and PureStack data points in real time to enable multidimensional analytics.

  • Ad hoc and explorative, PureLytics delivers just the information sets you need from user interaction and 3rd party services to supporting apps and infrastructure to quickly identify patterns, predict problems and make informed decisions.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics use cases provide preconfigured, meaningful data sets for the most common analytics scenarios such as user experience, app version and channel.
  • Eliminate analytics blind spots with call to and response data from “black box code”.

See What Matters to You — Fast

A new world map view enables regional and local focus for line-of-business and IT leaders. Or drill down to the individual visit level with a single search term to immediately see all relevant data such as country, client type, operating system and IP address.

  • UEM Worldmap gives line of business owners an at-a-glance view of their global users’ experience.
  • Single search drill down gives support people all the contextual information they need to resolve complaints quickly and efficiently.
  • Ad-hoc visit analysis powered by PureLytics.

All Systems. All Applications. One Solution.

PureStack provides host and system metrics in the context of application execution. Data center managers saw the opportunity to adopt Purestack to reduce limited, ‘old-school’ system monitoring tools. This release features an enhanced data center-aware PureStack to support modern infrastructure teams managing enterprise, virtual, hybrid and cloud-based systems.

  • Gain a global view of all machines in your environment, independent of system profiles.
  • Organize your infrastructure the way you understand it, with definable sites, host groups, and hosts.
  • Define infrastructure performance thresholds to detect problems before they affect your customers.
  • Set up advanced filtering and alerting for hosts that require special attention.

Confidently Deliver at the Speed of Business

Do you know how the performance of your apps evolves during development? Are you confident there haven't been any regressions before you hand them off to production? We help test teams ‘Level up’: Know what fails, why and how to fix it. 

  • The new Test Overview dashlet tracks and compares the evolution of builds and test categories over time.
  • Find regressions by drilling-down to the Test Results dashlet to identify the root cause.
  • Manage large numbers of tests easily with tests grouped by package name.
  • Filters in both dashlets for platform, milestone, and more enable you to quickly compare relevant builds.
  • Fact-based feedback loops make fixing production issues straightforward and clear

Deliver Node.js Applications with Performance Built in

The most modern language for building browser and server-side applications, Node.js, ensures front- and back-end app stability and extensibility into the future. Our full-fledged agent enables you to build performance into new Node.js-based projects.

  • Support frameworks on Linux x64: http, https, Connect, Express & Restify
  • New architecture makes it easy to ship updates for additional frameworks

We've also drastically improved our PHP agent. Along with major stability and performance improvements, it now supports PHP 5.6 and external API services visualization in the transaction flow.

For our enterprise customers, NGINX Plus is now supported out of the box. In addition, the agent now captures process performance data based on the stub_status module.

As Easy as Google Analytics

The JavaScript bootstrap agent makes it easy to deploy UEM where it's impossible to set up a web server agent. Just copy your auto-generated JavaScript tag into your HTML content and you're good to go! 

  • Inject a simple tag once—you'll never have to change the tag.
  • Use an F5 Load Balancer or other injector technology to inject the tag.
  • A perfect solution for Dynatrace SaaS and UEM-only environments.
  • The new tag supports visit sampling.

No Black Boxes, No Blindspots

Some machines or technologies simply won’t accept agents. We eliminate these blind spots. Just specify any Java, .NET, or PHP method as an invocation of an external API service. This is uniquely valuable when:

  • You need to monitor performance on appliances such as IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliances.
  • You're working with code that doesn't rely on standard protocols—such as third-party code—and you don't have access to the ADK. 
  • Your environment includes older or unsupported technologies, like IBM AS/400.

Do More with Less

This release helps you get control of infrastructure costs and complexity with vastly increased the number of connected Java, .NET, and Host agents that can run on a single collector:

  • 900% more for .NET agents
  • 100% more for Java and 
  • 300% more Host agents

Stay tuned for even more architectural and scalability enhancements in the next release!
See the Deployment Guide for detailed hardware recommendations specific to your load.

Scale with the Business

This release introduces support for a number of technologies (for full details, see System Requirements):

  • Application Servers: WebSphere 8.5.5, incl. Liberty profile
  • Messaging: IBM Integration Bus 9 on AIX; RabbitMQ 3.4.x; TIBCO Rendezvous 8.4.2/8.4.3
  • ESB & SOA: Oracle Service Bus 12c; webMethods 9.5
  • NoSQL & Big Data: MongoDB 3.0; MongoDB Java Driver 2.13
  • Others: Connection pools for Hybris; Java 7 on HP-UX IA; IMS 14; IMS TM resource adapter

Get Started Faster

You're just one click away from starting your SaaS instance. Let us worry about maintaining your system while you enjoy these new enhancements:

  • Double the available session storage size (up to 2 TB for large sizing) enables increased visibility into your live data
  • Dynatrace Web via your own dedicated URL: <yourcompany>
  • Keep track of consumption with automated email licensing and consumption alerts
  • 8 cluster locations worldwide

Learn more about Dynatrace SaaS.

z/OS - Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability!

Innovations in Dynatrace CICS and IMS agents have substantially increased our efficiency by 20%. Two key improvements are:

  • Transaction buffers maximize efficiency of zDC when data is sent to the zLocal agent on z/OS Unix.
  • Our z/OS Data Collection subsystem (zDC) can now be executed on the zIIP processor, which minimizes the subsystem cost by about 75%.

Continuing to expand our support for IBM technologies: IMS 14 QPP and the IMS TM Resource Adapter (ITRA).


 Upgrading and Getting Started With This Release

Visit the Get Started section of Dynatrace Docs to quickly get up to speed with Dynatrace. 

No matter your role or use case, the Get Started section has you covered:

 News From the Community


Did you know that we host Dynatrace Community Webinars twice a month? You can have your questions addressed one-on-one with a Dynatrace expert. All webinars are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel as well as APM University. If you have topic suggestions for future webinars, send us an email.

User Groups

Dynatrace Community members are active in User Groups, Meetups, Conferences and Performance Clinics. Meet up with us at one of these events, or suggest additional user groups where you'd like to see us present.

Dynatrace Open Q&A forum

Ask all of your pressing 6.2 questions in the App Mon & UEM Open Q&A where more than 100k experts wait to share their knowledge .


Read our about:performance blog where customers and our Center of Excellence team provide insights into all things APM. For example, take a look at Java Performance Impact by Dynamic Class Loading by Andreas Grabner (in cooperation with A. Alam from Infosys), or Key Metrics to ensure your IBM WebSphere Commerce investment delivers: Part I by Asad Ali. Have your own stories you'd like to share with a larger audience? Send us an email and we'll help spread the good news.


Extend Dynatrace with Plugins and Fastpacks provided by the Dynatrace Community. Check out the list of recently added and updated plugins:

  • New Weblogic Monitoring Plugin - Todd Ellis contributed this plugin which makes collecting and storing Weblogic data easy.
  • New JVM Monitoring Plugin - Todd Ellis contributed this plugin which allows you to dynamically gather JMX metrics from MBeans.
  • New OpenStack Monitoring Plugin - Eugene Turetsky contributed this plugin which gathers performance statistics provided by the Ceilometer and Nova services from the OpenStack virtual cloud VMs.
  • Dynatrace Plugin for Atlassian Bamboo - Jan Swaelens contributed this plugin which allows you to display test automation data from Dynatrace in your Bamboo build.
  • New Liferay Portal FastPack - Brian Wilson contributed this FastPack which provides a preconfigured Dynatrace profile custom tailored to Liferay Portal environments

 Licensing Update

Less Editions. Simplified Licensing.

Starting with Dynatrace 6.2 we are reducing the number of commercial editions. A production and pre-production edition is available and that's all you need. The test center edition will be renamed to pre-production and the development team edition will be removed (6.0+ licenses for the development team edition will still work in 6.2).


6.1 and earlier


6.3 and later
Development Team Edition(tick)(warning) 1(error) 2

Pre-Production Edition
(former Test Center Edition)

Production Edition(tick)(tick)(tick)

1 ) Development Team Edition license for 6 or 6.1 will still work
2 ) Development Team Edition will not be supported any more (contact your sales representative for conversion to other editions)

General Information

Dynatrace 6.2 licensing is compatible with Dynatrace 6.0+ licenses, so you don't need to upgrade your license unless you are migrating from an earlier Dynatrace version (5.6 or earlier). You can upgrade an existing Dynatrace license on your own using our eServices license management portal. For full details, see the license upgrade documentation. If you need help, our Licensing team will gladly support you in upgrading your existing license to a 6.2 license.

Following a license upgrade, ensure that your current license is deactivated. If you're using UEM, ensure that the correct amount of UEM Volume is reissued in the form of UEM vouchers.

Dynatrace for z/OS uses a MIPS based licensing model that runs on Compuware's License Management System (LMS) which is available on our download page. z/OS licenses are not available through eServices; you must request z/OS licenses using a Licensing Request Ticket.

 Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

This release contains a number of quality improvements, including the following issues that have been resolved:

  • Under certain conditions  PostgreSQL database wasn't recognized correctly.

  • In rare cases custom JMX measures caused Tomcat 8 to crash.

  • In WebSphere MQ environments it was possible that the Dynatrace server skipped PurePaths.
  • UEM auto instrumentation didn't work correctly on some kiosk application.
  • Java 8 application didn't start with Dynatrace agent, when JDBC sensor pack was enabled.
  • In special cases custom PMI measures didn't provide values.

Known Issues

While the new release of Dynatrace has been tested extensively to ensure that it works with all supported platforms and technologies, certain issues cannot be addressed from the product side. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for other workarounds and tips.

  • In rare cases the collector dialog in server settings shows wrong status (orange instead of green).
  • On JBoss AS EAP 6 not all JMX measures are available.
  • Under certain conditions wrong unit is shown in the incidents detail dialog (ms instead num ).
  • System profiles from Dynatrace versions 4.2 and earlier must be migrated to version 5.6 before they can be upgraded to Dynatrace version 6.2.
  • Java 7 does not accept weak certificates by default (i.e., certificates that use weak hashing or signing algorithms, for example MD2 or RSA keys smaller than 1024 bit). This can lead to refused connections (for example, when authenticating to a secure LDAP server). 
  • Java 8: IllegalAccessError when private static methods are passed as method references (please contact support if you experience this issue)

 System Requirements & Supported Technologies

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 Support Levels and End of Life Policy

Introducing a new support policy

A new and predictable End of Life policy was introduced with version 6.2 to better facilitate planning for updates and migrations.
End of Life dates are now announced together with release dates. New versions are fully supported for at least 18 months and support for critical production issues is provided for an additional 6 months (premium support required). This policy applies to Dynatrace AppMon & UEM 6.2+. Previous versions remain on the former policy!

Support level and End of Life overview 6.2 and higher




Full support

Limited support*

2018 October (7.2)October 8, 2018(tick)April 30, 2020October 31, 2020
2018 April (7.1)April 3, 2018(tick)October 31, 2019April 30, 2020
2017 May (7)May 31, 2017(error)November 30th, 2018

Jun 1st, 2019

6.5September 26, 2016(error)June 30, 2018September 30, 2018
6.3February 29, 2016(error)August 31, 2017February 28, 2018
6.2June 29, 2015(error)December 31, 2016June 30, 2017

*) Premium support required (severe production problems of monitored applications only)

Support level and End of Life overview 6.1 and lower




End of Life

6.1December 9, 2014(error)February 28, 2017
6July 17, 2014(error)October 31, 2015
5.6January 15, 2014(error)June 1, 2017
5.5 and earlier (error) 

Announcement of Platform Support Changes

  The Dynatrace 6.2 release discontinues support for the following platforms and components:

  • All components on AIX 5.2/5.3
  • Web server agent and .NET on Microsoft IIS 6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  • Multiple Dynatrace Server instances on one system
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
  • Web Service Stacks  IBM WebSphere 5.1 & 6

With the next Dynatrace 6.x release, support for the following platforms will be discontinued:

With the Q3 2016 release of Dynatrace, support for the following platforms will be discontinued:

  • Java Virtual Machine 1.4.2 (all vendors)
  • Java Virtual Machine 5 (all vendors)
  • Dynatrace Browser Agents for Firefox and Internet Explorer
    Due technical reasons enforced by browser vendors, we have to discontinue the native Browser Agents. We are already working to extend our JavaScript based agent (part of UEM) with diagnostics capabilities. So stay tuned for news on this in the future releases. If you are interested in details or you want to be part of the Early Access Program, please let us know.

  • Dynatrace Client 32bit
  • Dynatrace Server 32bit
  • HP-UX IA64
  • Dynatrace Bootstrap agents < version 6
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