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Monthly PTF's have been made available for Dynatrace AppMon 6.3 mainframe components thru the cumulative monthly maintenance.  Recommended for all users!

Resolved and Known issues

DatePTFWhat's ImpactedDescription
2016-OctDTT035AIMS Agent

JLT-158993 - S0C4 in IMS App Region causes IMS Control region to abend with U113

  • Impact: High, S0C4 abend in IMS dependent region with transaction buffers.
  • Cause: When the IMS agent is using transaction buffers and the zDC is restarted under load, a S0C4 abend can occur due to an MPR or the DLISAS region not having gained SMO access.  
  • Solution: The method of ensuring SMO access was improved.
2016-OctDTT036ACICS Agent

JLT-162277 - CICS region abends when agent is injected

  • Impact: Medium, occurs sporadically when the LE sensor is on for  COBOL programs.
  • Cause: Code referred to storage after it had already been freemained.
  • Solution: Restructure code so it doesn’t refer to already freed storage.

JLT-163129 – DTAX fails to pick up sensor settings

  • Impact: Medium, only occurs when user updates the sensor settings after CICS Agent is enabled
  • Cause: Coding error in sensor settings monitoring
  • Solution: Update the global work area with the new sensor settings

JLT-164847 - DTAX sends UNINIT when DTAX DIS even when AgentID is 0

  • Impact: Low, Only during DTAX DIS (from terminal or modify command) when zRemoteAgent is being bounced
  • Cause: Internal Validation
  • Solution: Additional validations to the UNINT process
2016-NovDTT039ACICS Agent

JLT-164285 - new LE COBOL hook didn't set R2 to point to the exit task local work area

  • Impact: Low, no reported issues to date.
  • Cause: 0C4 in ZDTAGT because EIB is not addressable
  • Solution: Fixed addressability to the EIB

JLT-169649 - IMS, During a profiling run, Customer got S0C4 abends in diagnosis job

  • Impact: Low, this is a diagnostic tool.
  • Cause: The saved MPR ASCB address was no longer a valid ASCB, resulting in a S0C4 when attempting to use a field from it.
  • Solution:  The ASCB address is now validated using the ASVT entry.
2017-JanDTT041AIMS Agent

JLT-170369 - DB2 sensor is never enabled even when the config calls for it to be enabled

  • Impact: Medium
  • Cause: If the ESS Create Thread to the external subsystem had already occurred prior to injection of the IMS agent, the DB2 sensor never got enabled in the MPR.
  • Solution: The DB2 sensor enablement no longer depends on seeing the ESS Create Thread occur.
2017-JanDTT042AIMS Agent

JLT-175280 - IMS agent ABEND using ADK with TXB offset 0066CE in ZDTIII12

  • Impact: Low, no reported issues to date.
  • Cause: The wrong PSW key was used to update an internal control block.
  • Solution: The code was changed to ensure the proper key was used.
2017-FebDTT043AIMS Agent

JLT-178128 DB2 call node connection pool attachments sometimes are not populated.

  • Impact: Low, no reported issues to date
  • Cause: If the Create Thread has already occurred before the IMS agent is injected, the DB2 call node connection pool attachments are not valid.
  • Solution: The location of the connection pool attachment data was corrected.
2017-AprDTT044AIMS Agent

JLT-183206 – IMS ADK may get bad function code with multiple agents injected in an IMS

  • Impact: Low, IMS ADK calls may set RC=-3 indicating a bad function code when multiple IMS agents are injected into a single IMS system.                            
  • Cause: The registers pointing to the call parameters were not restored for subsequent calls from the ADK stub.
  • Solution: The registers pointing to the call parameters are now restored before returning to the ADK stub.
2017-AprDTT045AIMS Agent

JLT-182922 – IMS: high CPU usage and ABENDs code U0240

  • Impact: High, Possible DB2 sensor loop after application of PTF DTS016A.
  • Cause: The process to inject the DB2 sensor was no longer single threaded.
  • Solution: The process was changed to ensure it is single threaded.
2017-JulDTT046AIMS Agent

JLT-191517 – IMS DB2 nodes not generated when the zDC is stopped prior to any DB2 activity and restarted subsequent to DB2 activity.

  • Impact: Medium, uncommon sequence of events that causes missing DB2 nodes.  
  • Cause: The sensor install process failed if driven while the zDC was not available, and was only allowed to be driven once.
  • Solution: The sensor install process was modified to be re-driven until successful.
2017-AugDTT048AIMS Agent

JLT-197047 – IMS – MPR loop calling D2sensor after MQ start is done in region

  • Impact: High, May cause a CPU limit reached in the IMS region.
  • Cause: The DB2 sensor code gets into a loop generating the same node repeatedly. 
  • Solution: ZDTIDB00 changed to only enable the 2nd LIIB of the pair when enabling the DB2 sensor.
2017-SepDTT047AIMS Agent

JLT-196903 – IMS – Add optional Include/Exclude Transaction name lists to CTL region MQ sensor configuration

  • Impact: None, PTF is an enhancement, not a fix.
  • Cause: NA
  • Solution: NA
2017-SepDTT049AIMS Agent

JLT-197853 – IMS – Agent ABEND retry needs to free internal process locks

  • Impact: High, IMS agent may loop or become unusable if an ABEND occurs while holding a resource lock.  
  • Cause: IMS agent ABEND retry does not free resource locks.
  • Solution: IMS agent ABEND retry routine was changed to free all locks.
2017-SepDTT050AIMS Agent

JLT-198821 – IMS – Agent S0C4 ABEND when issuing path table full message if called in AR mode

  • Impact: Medium, results in a S0C4 ABEND and the IMS agent is disabled.
  • Cause: The code that issues the diagnostic message indicating that the path is full is not coded correctly for the AR mode caller.
  • Solution: Corrected code to handle AR mode caller.

Install the mainframe maintenance here: Download and SMP/E Install of the z/OS Agent Components


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