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December 9, 2014



Highlights of Dynatrace Network Analyzer 12.3

Trace Trimmer Update

The Trace Trimmer user interface has been significantly updated. The new look and feel is now consistent with other DC RUM products.

Agent Commander

Consistent and user-friendly solution for easy configuration and management of DNA Agents

Support for IP fragmentation in Trace Trimmer

Trace Trimmer can now handle trace files containing fragmented IP packets.

Reporting QoS in Trace Trimmer

Trace Trimmer can now report DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point), the modern redefinition of the ToS field.

Update of Citrix ICA decode

The Citrix CGP/ICA decode has been updated to handle new ICA virtual channels and command definitions. It includes an improved decompression algorithm and many other bug fixes.

Support for importing Wireshark's pcapng files

It is now possible to import PCAP Next Generation (PCAPNG) trace files. The PCAPNG format, an attempt to overcome the limitations libpcap format, is becoming more and more popular.


Transaction Trace Analysis is now called Dynatrace Network Analyzer.

Also Included in This Release

Additional Improvements and Changes

Dynatrace Network Analyzer Documentation on the APM Community

As an alternative format to the installed product helps and downloadable PDF books, an online version of the Dynatrace Network Analyzer documentation is now available on the APM Community in a native wiki format. This online resource contains the latest documentation updates and provides you with the ability to quickly search across the entire Dynatrace Network Analyzer documentation set. For more information, refer to the APM Community Dynatrace Network Analyzer documentation.

Resolved Issues

This release contains a number of quality improvements and resolutions to issues that have been reported in previous releases. For the latest information on resolved issues for this release, see the list of DCRUM 12.3 Resolved issues 

Known Issues

For information about known issues associated with this release, refer to the list of DCRUM 12.3 Known issues   


Additional Information

System Requirements

For a complete list of system requirements, see Dynatrace Network Analyzer System Requirements.

Get Support File

Get Support File is an Dynatrace Network Analyzer function for gathering various log files and system reports into one zip file that can be sent to support when you are debugging an Dynatrace Network Analyzer installation.

When you are troubleshooting an Dynatrace Network Analyzer console or agent installation, you can use the Get Support File function to automatically gather information about the systems involved. This information is packaged in one compressed file that you can send to your Dynatrace representative for analysis.

There are two ways to use Get Support File to gather system information about a machine on which you have installed the Dynatrace Network Analyzer Agent:

  • If you run Get Support File directly from an agent machine, Get Support File will generate a system report focused strictly on that machine. For more information, see Agent File Contents.

  • If you run Get Support File from the Dynatrace Network Analyzer console machine, Get Support File will generate a system report on the console machine and on any or all of the selected Windows and Unix machines running the Dynatrace Network Analyzer Agent. The resulting report will concern the console machine and all selected agent machines. For more information, see Console File Contents.

You could gather most of this information yourself by locating the right log files, running the right system reports, and zipping all of the results together, but Get Support File makes the process easier and faster.