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Highlights of Dynatrace Network Analyzer 12.4


Trace Trimmer CAS Integration

Trace Trimmer is now integrated with the CAS, so that CAS users can capture traffic with Smart Packet Capture and open the captures directly into Trace Trimmer.

Trace Trimmer Look and Feel

Trace Trimmer has a new look and feel, including new visually attractive graphical reports.

Agent Commander Enhancements

  • Agent Commander offers remote access via web browser to manage DNA agents and captures.

  • Agent Commander individual user profiles now permit each user to maintain a different database of agent profiles.

  • Agent Commander can now be used to download and install a DNA agent from a remote machine.

 Additional Improvements and Changes
  • Unattended Capture can now encapsulate an ongoing capture using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and forward the capture to a different host.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements have been made to enhance user experience. 


 Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

This release contains a number of quality improvements and resolutions to issues that have been reported in previous releases. For the latest information on resolved issues for this release, see the list of DCRUM 12.4.0 Resolved issues.

Known Issues

For information about known issues associated with the DC RUM 12.4 Release, refer to the list of DCRUM 12.4 Known issues.

 News From the Dynatrace Community

Check out DC RUM Product Education. Look for the series about new 12.4 monitoring best practices, as well as other recently recorded webinars that show how to become more productive with DC RUM.

If you have suggestions on Dynatrace Community, share them in the Community Ideas forum.

If you have suggestions about future DNA enhancements, share them in the DC RUM Product Ideas forum.

Questions, problems, feedback? Go to the DC RUM Forum.

 System Requirements

 For a complete list of system requirements, see Dynatrace Network Analyzer System Requirements.