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May 22 2017 plus September 2018 refresh


The new Agent Commander command-line interface (CLI) enables you to  write "capture scripts",  facilitating a more automated approach to packet capture, through your scripts and Agent Commander.

Leverage Dynatrace Network Analyzer (DNA) programmability features to align network activity captures with applications you’re monitoring, alternatively use Windows Task Scheduler to save packet captures when needed.

It’s extract-and-go, hassle-free, run-ready without dependencies to slow you down. A new tool for DNA power users.

Lightweight and portable

The new Agent Commander "Portable option", means there's no Agent Commander installation needed. Simply download and run Agent Commander Portable wherever you need it. The mobile agent operation center lets you collect network activity in new environments without setting up the full DNA console.

Up to date and secure

This release of DNA provides support for both DNA console and agents on Windows 10. In addition Browser Data Collection (BDC) can be used in Internet Explorer 11 to shed light on browsing history over secure channels, when a private key for decryption is not available.




Dynatrace Network Analyzer 12.5 Release Highlights

Automate network trace capture and retrieval with Agent Commander CLI

  • Control agent network captures within your administrative scripts
  • Schedule traffic capture at regular intervals or on predefined events (using Windows Task Scheduler), and automatically retrieve traces
  • Build custom Windows shortcuts to quickly operate on DNA agents independently of DNA console

Agent Commander enhancements

Agent Commander (with Pathfinder) is now distributed as a portable package for convenient agent deployment and management:

  • Set up an ad-hoc agent control center in a new environment - no install needed.
  • Build custom one-click installers and deploy agents conveniently without a full DNA console package.
  • Browse and select agents matching an array of conditions using the powerful Agent Query Language.
  • Agent Commander no longer requires a separate DNA license - copy and redistribute with ease.

Use Browser Data Collection (BDC) plugin in IE 11

Save encrypted URL data without a private key: now available for the latest revision of Internet Explorer.

 Additional improvements and changes

Security considerations

New SCCM deployment option

You can now deploy DNA agents through SCCM to machines connected to a domain.

See the silent installation procedures for help on parameters.

New DNA database utility

DNA now comes with a command-line tool for creating a DNA database.

  • If you are happy with the standard database utility, you can continue using it as before.  
  • If you would like to create DNA databases through a command-line tool, this is the option for you.

The new database utility uses the Microsoft sqlcmd utility (external link) as a backend. This eases automation with regard to DNA database setup and may be especially useful if you create multiple DNA databases.
To use the new DNA database utility:

  1. Locate the file in the DatabaseUtility folder of your DNA installation directory.  
  2. Extract the zip file.  
  3. Run DatabaseUtility.exe to display syntax help and examples.

-silent - Run in silent mode.
-mode - create | drop | migrate.
-server - Address of the SQL server.
-installpath - Path to database files directory. Required for create mode.
-user - SQL user. Required if winauth = False.
-password - SQL password. Required if winauth = False.
-winauth - Use Windows authentication. True | False. Default = True.
-dbsamples - Put sample data for mode = create and server = (local). True | False. Default = False.
-dbsize - Set database file size (MB) for empty database.
-dblogsize - Set database log file size (MB) for empty database. Default = 12.


  • To create an empty database:
    'DatabaseUtility.exe -silent -mode create -database databaseName -installpath databaseDestinationPath -server serverAddress -user SQLUserName -password SQLPassword'
  • To create a database with sample data:
    'DatabaseUtility.exe -silent -mode create -database databaseName -installpath databaseDestinationPath -server serverAddress -user SQLUserName -password SQLPassword -dbsamples True'
  • To delete a database:
    'DatabaseUtility.exe -silent -mode drop -database databaseName -server serverAddress -user SQLUserName -password SQLPassword'
  • To migrate a database:
    'DatabaseUtility.exe -silent -mode migrate -database databaseName -server serverAddress -user SQLUserName -password SQLPassword'
 Resolved issues

Resolved Issues

This release contains a number of quality improvements and resolutions to issues that have been reported in previous releases. For the latest information on resolved issues for this release, see Resolved issues.

 News From the Dynatrace Community

Be a part of our active APM community!

See the latest discussions about DNA in the forum.

Community enhancements

 System requirements and supported technologies

Supported technologies

  • Browser Data Collection (BDC) plugin can now be used in Internet Explorer 11.
  • This release introduces support for Windows 10 (DNA console and agents).

For system requirements, see Installing and configuring DNA.

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