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How to get the latest Update?


Check out dynaTrace 4 Downloads to download the latest update!


  • Download and extract the zip container to your disc
  • Install dynaTrace-4.0.0.x.dtp as a plugin into your dynaTrace Server
  • Once the Plugin has been deployed, you will be asked to restart the currently connected dynaTrace Collectors and afterwards to restart the dynaTrace Server
  • Reconnect your dynaTrace Clients to the dynaTrace Server in order to get them updated
  • Finally we recommend to also install the latest version of the Agents using the agent installers in the agents directory of the update

Agent Installation on Windows


For existing installations on Windows you can just extract the file over your agents directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 4.0.0\agent). Be sure to shut down all instrumented application processes so that the files can be overwritten.

Note: In order for all fixes to have an effect, the instrumented applications need to be restarted

Optional Agent Development Kit (ADK) Installation

For customers who are using the ADK in order to instrument their native applications we recommend to get the ADK library for your platform out of

dynaTrace Update February 2012

Known Issues

Don't install this update on dynaTrace Servers that are started with the -instance feature. Contact dynaTrace support for directions how to update such installations until this issue is resolved.

Change Log

JLT-50465 Agent can leak memory in some cases with autos sensors enabled for short PurePaths
JLT-48848 Adding auto sensor information can cause Access Violation with .NET 2.0 on 64-bit installations
JLT-48797 Applications using Apache DBCP 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 can crash when JDBC Sensor is enabled
JLT-48897 Chunked encoding can lead to IIS crashes when UEM agent is injected
JLT-49864 Logfile Size of Browser Agent is too small, logfile rotates too often
JLT-49856 Class Cast Exception occurred with JMS Tagging
JLT-49833 Tagged HTTP response header can contain incorrect values
JLT-48507 Reduce overhead of Java primitive arrays
JLT-49804 Reduce overhead with .NET primitive arrays
JLT-49681 Internet Explorer 7 with Browser Agent can crash when system profile is updated
JLT-49658 Different expiration date is shown for UEM volume license in 4.0.0 and 4.1.0
JLT-49603 dynaTrace Servers started with "-instance" do not correctly update the Webstart Client
JLT-49261 PurePath Dashlet doesn't show data under very specific circumstances
JLT-48237 With some SQL Server connection strings, passwords are not replaced with asterisk when displayed in Database Dashlet
JLT-48161 On slow machines .NET Agent Configuration Tool can fail to find running processes
JLT-48058 Setting DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING should hide initial log output, but does not
JLT-47871 Some JMX type patterns cannot be entered in the dynaTrace Client
JLT-47787 When using Dev Team Edition setting Servlet Sensors to active/inactive at runtime has no effect
JLT-46496 dynaTrace skips events with log-message "No valid transformation has been found"
JLT-45124 .NET ThreadTagging Sensor can cause corrupted PurePaths

dynaTrace Update December 2011

Change Log

JLT-45123 IIS Worker Processes are getting recycled when auto-sensors are turned on
JLT-45301 .NET AccessViolationException when Exceptions/Threads are used in AppDomains
JLT-44620 Having custom IIS ISAPI filters installed can cause the JavaScript agent to not be injected
JLT-41330 End-to-end response time for overlapping requests is sometimes calculated too high
JLT-47542 Webserver agent can leak memory if Webserver sends compressed responses
JLT-46656 Drill down to history Dashboard in Database Dashlet sometimes applies incorrect agent filters
JLT-46624 Memory dumps not possible for Java 1.4.x VMs
JLT-46180 DB Connection Pool value not correctly displayed in imported session that is filtered
JLT-45546 Database dashlet incorrectly compares sessions when using Tomcat or c3p0 connection pooling
JLT-47389 Monthly patch update can fail to install agentres.jar if file is locked
JLT-47329 Creating new Business Transactions can fail in offline sessions which were recorded in previous versions
JLT-47223 API assignment not correctly applied on PurePaths in stored sessions if API is manually set in the system profile
JLT-46658 System profile from a stored session does not show all placed sensor correctly
JLT-46649 Bandwidth measure sometimes recorded as 'infinite'
JLT-46643 Javascript Agent causes authentication challenge on enterprise proxy on request to address
JLT-46617 Remove ASP.NET capture request/response sizes in config dialog, values are not recorded any more
JLT-46515 Exporting session sometimes fails with "A problem occurred while analyzing"
JLT-46433 Obsolete incident "Sampling Method Capacity exceeded on Agent" not removed from system profile
JLT-46429 Incompatibility with Hybris JDBC wrappers
JLT-46411 Dashboard "Save as" causes Dashboards to not display correctly in the upper right area
JLT-46307 Performance Warehouse migration on SQL Server may fail to drop indexes
JLT-46285 User complaint search not enabled for Client IP, Application or Userid in November update
JLT-45928 Top X filter does not work on Database Dashlet for some table columns
JLT-45903 Page Actions with date in the future cause Page Action PurePaths to time out
JLT-46022 Renaming a system profile doesn't adjust user access settings for system profiles correctly
JLT-46008 Using LDAP for user authentication fails if LDAP server sends response in unexpected format
JLT-45856 XML Response in REST interfaces wrongly encodes dot in hostname for "href" and "icon" and probably others
JLT-45842 Deleting a test in Test Automation Dashlet can fail if the test has users assigned
JLT-45837 Percentile Charts sometimes show incorrect values
JLT-45835 Matching on "starts with" does not work for filtering of tests in Test Automation Dashlet
JLT-45806 Rate measures cannot be added to Dynamic Measure Matrix Dashlet
JLT-45749 Database Dashlet: hybris database connection pool wrapper is not correctly recognized
JLT-45724 Empty /proc directory causes Apache webserver agent to stop immedately after starting
JLT-45719 Meter charts do not display values for certain timeframes if the resolution is set to single points
JLT-45718 Business Transaction Hotspots Dashlet and Business Transaction Dashlet sometimes show different values if timeframe is set to a fixed timeframe
JLT-45714 Displaying data in Dashlets can take a long time if continuous session recording is disabled and there are many PurePaths held in the dynaTrace Server memory
JLT-45708 Enabling Web Server Sensor on ATG Dynamo application Server can lead to VerifyErrors
JLT-45659 Allow to enable NT User authentication if the Performance Warehouse is stored on Microsoft SQL server
JLT-45707 Business Transaction Hotspot dashlet showing wrong values
JLT-45616 Some PurePaths are not stored correctly in stored sessions, dynaTrace Server log states "failed to write path node"
JLT-45614 Web Services request count can become out of sync with Web Requests count
JLT-45584 Using Spring AOP in J2EE Servers causes errors and increased memory usage
JLT-45576 Multiple Paths are created for HttpRequests which make WebService Calls on Visual Studio Development Webserver
JLT-45568 Placing JMS sensor can cause dynaTrace Server, Collector, and Agents to disconnect from one another
JLT-45432 Data in XML reports is not sorted according to the sort order set in the Dashlet
JLT-45378 Database name shows as generic for certain ADO.NET Drivers

dynaTrace Update November 2011

Change Log

JLT-45386 .Net: HTTP and Webservice tagging doesn't work in some environments
JLT-45355 Agent prevent to start J2EE engine on SAP Netweaver
JLT-45251 "Set as Default" option does not work on Visits Dashlet
JLT-45162 .Net MVC not supported properly
JLT-45150 .Net Remoting Tagging does not work for RemoteServicedComponent
JLT-45013 Automatic Collector Update occasionally fails
JLT-43663 Inconstant units used for dynamic measures plotted in chart
JLT-44139 Database Dashlet always shows that there is a filter applied although there isn't
JLT-44782 Invalid Cast in .NET Logging Sensor when using LogEntry Writers
JLT-45004 .NET agent prevents an application to shut down correctly when multiple AppDomains are used
JLT-45569 Browser Agent causes rendering problem
JLT-45505 System Profile export fails
JLT-45501 Nodes for extended PurePath information not visible for JVM1.4
JLT-45488 Visual Studio WebDev.Webserver.exe crashes with InvalidProgramException
JLT-45446 PMI Browser shows duplicate PMI Counters
JLT-45237 .Net Agent Config Tool fails after deploying October update
JLT-45106 Violation Count Measure for Web Request Duration calculated wrong
JLT-45065 High CPU usage of application if many different database connection pools are used
JLT-44904 JDBC Sensor breaks when org.logicalcobwebs.proxool.ConnectionPool is used
JLT-44882 JDBC Sensor leads to Exceptions during launch of WAS 6.0
JLT-44910 System Profile names with ampersand (&) break the Administrate Tab of Start Center
JLT-44862 Data warehouse consumes too much heap when starting the aging task
JLT-44856 Drilldown from Landingpages to Visits not working
JLT-44853 High overall error rate incident open in dynaTrace action shows wrong results
JLT-44820 Memory / Threaddump plugin doesn't work with the server SSL port
JLT-44631 Database connection pool recognition does not work for some DB2 calls
JLT-44231 .Net Webrequests: PurePath behind web requests is spawning a second PurePath which is orphaned from the first
JLT-44622 UEM does not work with Apache Jackrabbit
JLT-43650 UEM data capturing still disabled if a user navigates from an UEM disabled application to an UEM enabled application
JLT-44004 Visit search dashboard displays no visits when shared with another user
JLT-45220 Page actions with wrong durations (caused by Firefox navigation timing API)
JLT-44946 dynaTrace User's email address can't accept a ' character
JLT-44943 dynaTrace database error on second run of CI tests
JLT-45114 Visualize Server Side WS calls as C/S even if it only has been picked up by the Servlet Sensor
JLT-44961 Support com.progress.wsa.WsaServlet as Server Side Endpoint to WS Sensor
JLT-44916 Occasional exception on CLR shutdown
JLT-44765 DevTeam Edition: an automatically created System Profiles does not contain all the out-of-the-box measures, BTs and error detections
JLT-44817 Transaction Flow: Failed Transaction count wrong
JLT-44653 Server is running out of file descriptors when mismatching Collectors/Agents are connected
JLT-44456 Open->Close of Dashlet Properties triggers refresh without any changes actually being made
JLT-44127 Client error when displaying API Breakdown
JLT-44087 Performance Warehouse Exception: Cannot find the object "#tag_value_temp"
JLT-44821 UEM sensor for Java causes a "500 - Internal Server Error" response in Intershop application
JLT-44829 Drilldown from multisplit BT Chart does not set the filter correctly
JLT-44840 Redirect is not correlated to page action under certain circumstances
JLT-44047 No page actions are loaded from stored session, when custom time-frame filter is set
JLT-44897 Importing an Offline Session can lead to a dynaTrace Server Exception
JLT-45425 Newly added Sensor Group not added to already-created Sensor Configurations

dynaTrace Update October 2011

New Technology Support

dynaTrace browser diagnostics is now available for Firefox 7. Simply re-install your dynaTrace Agents for Firefox.

Change Log

JLT-43909 Support Browser Agent for Firefox 7
JLT-44024 .NET Collection Sensor likely causes StackOverflow
JLT-42858 Thread Dumps can occasionally lead to dynaTrace Server restarts
JLT-43784 Business transaction does not show correct data under specific circumstances
JLT-43952 Firefox Agent causes browser crash in specific circumstances
JLT-44097 Exit page splitting not working
JLT-44307 ADO.NET Sensor can crash Application under high load
JLT-44308 If WebService and Servlet Sensor are active at the same time, it may lead to PurePath timeout
JLT-33376 JMX monitoring may fail on Glassfish
JLT-41565 dynaTrace Server reports skipped events although no events are actually lost
JLT-41784 _ThreadPoolWaitOrTimerCallback not covered by .NET Thread Tagging Sensor
JLT-43295 Windows 2003 Server with KB2509553 applied cannot launch a JVM with the agent installed
JLT-43631 "Delete all incidents in timeframe" not working correctly
JLT-43731 Wrong time-frame used for exporting self-monitoring system profile
JLT-43755 XML report of the PurePath dashlet does not contain web request details or bind values
JLT-43820 Excel Report should limit the number of rows to not exceed limit on Excel files of 65k rows
JLT-43835 Drill down from Response Time Hotspots to Database: Percentile Filter is not passed on
JLT-43919 Windows ADK samples are partly not building
JLT-43957 Error Rule causes Page Action to fail, but Page Action is still "satisfied"
JLT-44047 No page actions are loaded from stored session, when custom timeframe filter is set
JLT-44053 Visit Export: Incomplete data exported
JLT-44087 Performance Warehouse Exception: Cannot find the object "#tag_value_temp" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.
JLT-44092 Windows 2000: No processes displayed in "dynaTrace .Net Agent Configuration"
JLT-44121 Response Times Hotspot Dashlet ignores filter
JLT-44129 Copy/Paste doesn't work for APIs
JLT-44143 Thread Tagging Sensor does not work correctly in .Net 2.0.50727.42
JLT-44144 Response time hotspot shows wrong values for Tier hotspots under specific conditions
JLT-44146 Business Transactions are listed twice in PurePaths dashlet
JLT-44237 Agent breakdown incorrectly shows sync times on the webserver agent
JLT-44267 Improved PostgreSQL migration from 3.5
JLT-44268 Memory leak in migrating Business Transactions from 3.5
JLT-44296 XML report does not include min/max/avg for chart table records
JLT-44309 .NET logging sensor may cause truncated PurePaths
JLT-44374 UEM sensor leads to ClassCastException when using WebLogic FutureResponseServlet
JLT-44410 Aggregation by Last Value in Dynamic Measure Matrix does not show a value
JLT-44444 SQL Strings of more than 8000 characters may cause client to freeze
JLT-44485 .NET Agent: Occasionally fails to send PurePath
JLT-44580 Add the MPS chart again to server health dashboard
JLT-44719 Time calculation in Method Hotspots Dashlet wrong in very specific situations


This update is compatible with dynaTrace (GA) and later builds.

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