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They say “there are many ways to skin a cat”. Using business transactions in dynaTrace is no exception to this rule. While consulting with a big insurance company recently, an opportunity came to look at an alternative way to create a business transaction. The customer’s application is a web portal that is used by insurance brokers to service the customers. This web portal uses struts framework to execute custom methods based upon the url. The customer wanted to capture the processing time of unique requests that the brokers submit on the web portal including pricing a policy, submitting a quote request, searching for a policy.

Capture context information from Struts Framework

One way to accomplish this task is to create multiple business transactions by filtering each web requests. However, this approach would require the customer to create one business transaction for each distinct web requests. Fortunately, this customer has extended the default struts Action class and has implemented a method called getDispatchMethodName() that returns the name of the method that is executed based upon the struts-config.xml as shown below:

Define a Business Transaction

The return value of the method identifies the kind of requests a broker is making on the web portal. Instead of creating multiple business transactions based upon the filtering of web requests, it is easier to create one business transactions based upon grouping of return value of the getDispatchMethodName() method.

Analyze Business Transaction Results

This approach has the added advantage that if new functionality is added to the application, there is no need to create additional business transactions based on the filtering mechanism. With new functionality, the business transaction based upon the grouping criteria will automatically create new entries. With this business transaction in place, the customer was able to add additional grouping criteria to it to identify the type of vehicle being insured. Imagine doing the same if the business transactions were created based upon filtering criteria.

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