We at dynaTrace use dynaTrace on all services we run. That includes our Web Site, Support Portal, internal Wiki and Jira as well as our Community Portal.

In my role I am responsible for our Community and our Community Portal. In order for our Community Portal to be accepted by our users I need to ensure that our users find the content they are interested in. In a recent upgrade we added lots of new multi-media content that will make it easier for our community members to get educated on Best Practices, First Steps, … .

Error in Production: 3rd Party Plugin prevents users from accessing content

Here is what happened today when I figured out that some of our users actually had a problem accessing some of the new content. I was able to directly contact these individual users before they reported the issue. We identified the root cause of the problem and are currently working on a permanent fix preventing these problems for other users. Let me walk you through my steps.

Step 1: Verify and Ensure Functional Health

One dashboard I look at to check whether there are any errors on our Community Portal is the Functional Health Dashboard. dynaTrace comes with several Out-of-the-Box Error Detection Rules. These are rules that e.g.: check if there are any HTTP 500s, Exceptions being thrown between Application Tiers (e.g.: from our Authentication Web Service back to our Frontend System), Severe Log Messages or Exceptions when accessing the Database.

The following screenshot shows the Functional Health Dashboard. As we monitor more then just our Community Portal with dynaTrace I just filter on this application. I see that we had 14 failed transactions in the last hour. Seems we also had several unhandled exceptions and several HTTP 400s between Transaction Tiers

Read the rest of the article on our dynaTrace Blog: Automatic Error Detection in Production – Contact your Users before they Contact You

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