We have exciting news for you: We have upgraded the Compuware APM Community to a more recent version of the underlying Confluence wiki platform. This was a prerequisite for future improvement we are planning and should be a seamless transition for our users - here's a summary of the major changes:

  • The old wiki markup and rich-text editors have been replaced by a new and improved rich-text editor. Although it's a WYSIWYG editor, you can still use familiar shortcuts (like the [ syntax for entering links). 
  • Because of changes in the theme, the breadcrumbs bar that was located on top of the page is now below the header. This makes navigating the forums easier as you immediately see the forum you are currently browsing.
  • There's a notification box in the upper right corner that informs you about replies on your forum posts or comments. If you do not want people to be notified about your changes - either via email or the new notifications box -, there's a checkbox called "Notify watchers" you can uncheck before saving a page (as opposed to the prior Confluence version, where you had to check the box if you did not want to send notifications).



In addition to that, we have introduced new URLs for our websites:

Please update your bookmarks!



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