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Integrate with Soasta CloudTest (25 JUN 2012)

Are you using Soasta CloudTest? Take a look at our guide on how to match your CloudTest transactions to Tagged Web Request in dynaTrace!

Upcoming Webinars in November (14 NOV 2011)

Want to build your own Performance Center of Excellence or automate your Load Testing? Join us for our upcoming webinars!

How to injecting dynaTrace HTTP Header using an HTTP Proxy (19 MAY 2011)

Keith Marshall explains how to inject dynaTrace HTTP Headers in a testing environment using Fiddler as proxy service

How to do Security Testing with Business Transactions (5 MAY 2011)

Lucy Monahan from Novell shares her tips on Security Testing. She uses Business Transactions to automatically identify and prevent secret information written to logs.

How to include dynaTrace in your Selenium Tests (2 MAR 2011)

You execute Selenium Tests in your CI? Check out 3 easy options to include dynaTrace for automated Performance and Architecture Validation of the tested web application.

Integrating dynaTrace with TestNG (24 FEB 2011)

Joe Hoffman walks us through the steps to automate existing TestNG tests with dynaTrace for Performance and Architectural Validations.

dynaTrace in Continuous Integration - The Big Picture (22 FEB 2011)

Learn how to use your existing Unit and Functional Tests for Performance and Architectural Verification Tests.

How to Make Developers Write Performance Tests

I asked Stefan - Test Automation Lead at dynaTrace - a provocative question: do developers really want to write Performance Tests in the first place? First he smiled but then he said that they do. I honestly was a bit surprised because in my own experience as a developer was that I rather wanted to write code instead of tests.

He agreed that it was not that easy in the beginning; however, after the first developers started it became a more and more common practice. I then asked him what he thinks are the main reasons why developers want to write performance tests. The following sums up our experience at dynaTrace into what causes developers themselves write performance tests

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Eating Our Own Dog Food: How dynaTrace does Continuous APM Internally in Development with dynaTrace TA Lead Stefan Frandl

I sat together with Stefan Frandl, Test Automation Lead in dynaTrace’s R&D Lab in Linz, Austria to discuss how dynaTrace does Continuous APM in Development. Obviously dynaTrace takes performance very serious as we preach to our clients that Continuous Application Performance Management is a critical component across the Application Lifecycle. The earlier in the Lifecycle you manage and get your performance under control the less you have to worry about actual problems later on when you ship your product.

In the discussion I had with Stefan he talked about how dynaTrace transitioned from traditional performance management to where we are now – which means: "eat our own dog food" and "live the dynaTrace Continuous APM message".

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