In the holiday season of 2009 we worked with one of the Top 5 US Retailers to help them solve their performance and scalability issues. A year earlier they had a serious outage during the busiest online shopping time leading to tens of millions of lost revenue.

Keynote and dynaTrace are hosting a series of webinars to talk about this specific Case Study and explain what we did to Speed Up their Web 2.0 Frontend by applying common Web Performance Best Practices as well as Optimizing their Back-End by identifying their bottlenecks they had under load.

I am happy to be the presenter for dynaTrace as I have directly been involved in this engagement. Besides the Case Study we will focus on

  • Best Practices for Web Frontend Optimization
  • Best Practices for Backend Optimization
  • How to do proactive performance optimization
  • Open Q&A from the audience

Join us for one of the 3 webinars we do for DACH (in German), Europe and the US. Pick the webinar that fits your schedule:

Hope to see some of you online

Selected Topics

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