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How Bon-Ton Online Stores Fixed a Safari Bug In Time For The Holidays (9 JAN 2013)

Learn from Bon-Ton's Best Practices and how they avoided a serious business problem in their holiday season

New Blog Post - Performance Improvement is not Performance Optimization (3 OCT 2012)

Performance improvement is the art and science of making online applications faster, while performance optimization is the art and science of making online applications efficient

New Blog - Top Performance Mistakes - Supersized Content (11 SEP 2012)

Learn how to automate testing for Supersized Content to avoid impact on end user performance

Reminder - dynaLearn Webinar on June 27 - Advanced Business Transactions (26 JUN 2012)

Join us tomorrow for our dynaLearn Webinar on Advanced Business Transactions!

Best Practices on APM in Windows Azure and Silverlight (18 APR 2012)

If you are moving to a public cloud platform such as Windows Azure or want to learn more about best practices, then join us next week for the webinar "How timecockpit.com made Azure work for them" on April 25th!

The Super Bowl Effect on Web Performance (13 FEB 2012)

Do you wonder whether the millions of dollars spent for Super Bowl Ads are well invested? We analyzed One of the Top Brands during Super Bowl Day to answer this question.

dynaLearn Webinar Update - Webinar Recording Available - Q&A Webinar tomorrow (7 FEB 2012)

Watch the recording of last week's webinar on Business Transaction Management, and register for tomorrow's dynaLearn Q&A session!

Reminder - dynaLearn Webinar on February 2 - Business Transaction Management (1 FEB 2012)

Join tomorrow's dynaLearn Webinar to learn how business transactions work, how you can leverage out-of-the-box business transactions, and how to create your own - register now!

Latest dynaTrace Blog Posts (1 DEC 2011)

Check out the latest posts about Cyber Monday, eCommerce and NoSQL on our dynaTrace about:performance Blog!

Business Transaction Management Explained (31 OCT 2011)

Let us explain what Business Transactions are and why managing business is much more than mapping URLs to your business functions

To Load Test or Not to Load Test - Thats not the Question (30 SEP 2011)

You are responsible when web sites go down under load but skipped load testing because it's too hard, too expensive or you don't know what to test? Andreas Grabner gives some tips on how to do successful load testing to prepare against problems in production.

Why you really do Performance Management in Production (26 SEP 2011)

Michael Kopp gives his view on APM: Its not about Troubleshooting or JVM Monitoring - its about understanding the Business Impact of Performance

A real life example on Business Transactions (25 JUL 2011)

How do you use Business Transactions? Learn from Asad Ali on how he identifies submission times of insurance broker queries by vehicle type.

Webinar on The Transformation of APM available online (13 SEP 2010)

J.P Garbani from Forrester and dynaTrace hosted this webinar to talk about The Transformation of APM. The recorded webinar also includes a Live Walkthrough of dynaTrace's APM & BTM support as well as a Q&A Session.

Upcoming Webinar on Sept 9th on the Transformation of APM and What It Means for You (7 SEP 2010)

dynaTrace is co-hosting a webinar with Analyst JP Garbani from Forester Research, Inc. Mr. Garbani will be talking about the Transformation of APM and what it means for you. Followed Mr. Garbani's presentation we will show a demonstration of dynaTrace's integrated APM / BTM system concluded with a Q&A Session

Performance as Key to Success - How Online News Portals could do better (3 August 2010)

The two biggest Online News Portals in Germany compete for visitors to make money when they click on ads. Read the English and German version of a detailed performance comparison analysis of Bild.de and Spiegel.de and learn from how these two companies run their websites.

6 Minute Live Demo Video by IntraLinks on how they do BTM in their private Cloud (23 July 2010)

Do you want to learn how powerful Business Transaction Management (BTM) is? Then watch the 6 minute live demo of Charlie Weiblen from IntraLinks who takes you through his workflow on analyzing a performance problem by identifying the impacted users and the offending piece of code/database calls.

7 Rules to Improve your Application Performance (17 June 2010)

Follow these 7 Rules when engaging in Application Performance Management

Is there a Business Case for Application Performance (26 May 2010)

Alois Reitbauer on how bridging the communication gap between Business and IT

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) – As Business Critical as SEO (19 May 2010)

Understand why Google factors performance into their algorithm and how this affects your business

Developers think Functionality - But less about Scalability (Lessons from SmithMicro) (12 May 2010)

Lessons learned from Bill Mar, Director of Engineering Services at SmithMicro

Business impact on Web Site Performance

Slow Web Sites have a very negative impact on end users. End users that spend less money on your site, spend fewer minutes clicking through your pages and even blogging about their frustrating experience and therefore impacting others. This blog highlights how performance impacts business based on some case studies by Google, Bing and Shopzilla.

Read the full blog post >>

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