Thanks to Brian Perrault a new version (1.0.2) of the Linux Filesystem Status Plugin is available.

New features:

  • Ability to specify the filesystem as “*” which will create a dynamic monitor for every mount on the server.
  • ReadOnly Measure – This measure provides a 1 if the mount is read only
  • Mount Filter – for use when using the “*” Filesystem.  This will allow you to put constraints on the list of mounts.  This gives you the option the include/exclude mounts based on the following choices in a list
    • Filesystem type (IE: fat32, iso9660, NTFS)
    • Device (IE: /dev/cdrom, /dev/sda1)
    • Mount location (IE: /home, /tmp)

If you have any questions, please ask them in our Plugins and Extension Forum.

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