While it's a bit too early to peek into the presents under your christmas tree, we have two gifts ready for you:

  • Joe Hoffmann shared his FTP File Checker Plugin for dynaTrace. It checks the existence of a given file on an FTP Server and can be useful when a file existence or absence is used as a trigger for the beginning or completion of a batch job.
  • Derek Abing sent us a new version of the Log File Monitor Plugin which was formerly known as the "Windows Log File Monitor", but has been improved to support both Windows and Linux. It continuously parses a log file and looks for a given string, and provides measures like the line number the message was encountered on, or the number of messages.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in our Plugins and Extension Forum.

Have you implemented your own monitoring, alert or task plugin, or do you have a default System Profile or Dashboard that you always use for your projects? If you think that others would benefit from it as well and want to share it, just contact us at apmcommunity@compuware.com!

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